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Dear Friends,
Happy Monday to all of you! For some of you, this is the beginning of your summer break. Read on below the weekly missions for a few words from me about summer schedules.
Here are you missions for the week:
Zone 2 Missions: The Kitchen
Monday – Declutter & Wipe the Kitchen Counters
Tuesday - Declutter Items from 1 Drawer
Wednesday - Declutter Leftovers from Fridge
Thursday – Declutter Items from 1 Kitchen Cabinet
Friday – Wipe the Stove Top, Microwave, and Fridge
Set your timers and then take a break when it goes off!
Before I talk about summer schedules, I want to take a few minutes to thank all of you who wrote to me last week. You encouraged me with your words. I am a blessed woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Several weeks ago, I was asked about my summer schedule. It looks different from year to year. It depends on who is home with me for the summer, and it depends on my part-time work endeavors.
This summer, I have cut back my work hours to accommodate wedding planning and our family vacation. I also want to have some free time for small day trips with my two youngest children. With that said, read on about a typical summer day for us.
As you know, I get up much earlier than the boys to have quiet time and exercise time. When I finish running, we complete our morning routines. I will start a load of laundry while they pick up and do swish and swipe in their bathroom.
The Home Blessing of the day is also done during this time. After this, the boys will do some math practice sheets and do some reading. I let them pick what interests them. The goal is to just keep reading throughout the summer.
While they are doing their math and reading, I am doing my computer work and checking my list to see what we need to do. I use the summer for projects around the house, and I will pick small portions of the project to work on each day.
The boys typically fix their lunch and do their dishes. They help me keep the laundry moving along as well.
In the afternoon, we will go to the pool for a couple of hours of swimming, or we will do some sort of activity. It gets really hot in the summer, so I plan activities that will not cause us to over-heat.
For our evening meals, I try to fix things that do not heat up my kitchen. I use the InstantPot or Crock Pot many times. I fix cool meals, too. Raw veggies and salad make a nice evening meal.
If I do cook, I try to double the recipe for leftovers later. I do not want to spend my summer in the kitchen cooking complicated meals.
After dinner, we do our Evening Routine, and the boys will go outside to play if it has cooled off enough. We love late summer nights outside.
We keep to our normal 10:00 bedtime each night in the summer, too. The boys might sleep in a little later in the summer, but it is important to me that they get to bed at a reasonable hour each night.
What does your summer schedule look like?
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets.
Your Zone Mission for today is to declutter and wipe down the kitchen counters.
My menu plan for Monday is a beef roast for the guys and salad for me.
Have a blessed day!

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