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Dear Friends,
How was your Monday? Did you take time to play with your children?
I received several notes from readers who are going to be intentional about playing with their children this summer. The most precious thing you can give your children besides your love is your time.
Yesterday, the boys did a fantastic job with their routines, and they asked me to take them to the lake. We loaded up and spent an hour and a half at the lake where they fished and played. They were happy, and I enjoyed just sitting and watching them.
Another mom told me that she was going to see what programs their library had this summer in conjunction with the summer reading program. Most libraries have summer activities each week to encourage young readers. I so enjoyed the summer music programming our library has done in the past.
Use a search engine and look for GeoCaching spots near you, and go outside for some nature walks. You can take field guides to identify birds, trees, or flowers. You can learn so much out in nature, and it is not an expensive activity for you to do.
Call your local park ranger for summer activities. Many state and national parks offer free classes and activities for children. Park rangers know their parks and can answer questions and teach your children a lot about the park’s features.
Research activities at your local science center or art museum. They may offer classes for free or for a small fee. I found out our local art museum is having a special exhibit in the early fall. I am already thinking about incorporating it into my beginning of school plans.
If you have been stock-piling art supplies like many other homeschoolers, have an arts and crafts day each week. Turn on some classical music and let them create art. Yes, it might be messy, but you can work with them clean it up afterwards. They will learn so much from the creative process.
Another fun summer activity is simply playing outside with water. Kids love to play in the water! Have a water day each week this summer.
If you children have bikes, have a weekly bike ride in the evening. If they don’t have bikes, go for a family walk.
Use this summer to be intentional about your time with them, and keep them active. Limit screen time and encourage movement and creativity.
What are some of your favorite summer activities?
Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.
Your Zone Mission for today is to declutter items from one kitchen drawer.
My menu plan for Tuesday is Taco Tuesday for the boys. Veggies and salad for me.
Have a blessed day!

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