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Dear Friends,
Can you believe we are at the end of October? We have had a late fall in North Carolina, and this weekend I enjoyed looking at the trees as the leaves are just starting to change colors.
As we wrap up October, how did you do with the Habit of the Month? We were decluttering paper a little at a time all month, and I don’t want you to stop practicing this habit. As a homeschool family, you and your children are going to generate paper clutter on a daily basis. You will continue to receive junk mail. Paper is always coming into your life. Spend 5 minutes a day getting rid of it.
We practice the Habit of the Month so it will become a part of our daily routines. We don’t stop doing a habit because we switch to a new month. We just keep doing it.
Dealing with your mail daily should also help you with paying bills and menu planning. You will become more organized with your paperwork because you will have less papers to deal with on a daily basis.
If you mention the word “paperwork” to anyone, you will likely hear a sigh. No one enjoys dealing with paperwork. But you can turn it around by dealing with it a little at a time. Reward yourself with a favorite drink and a little relaxation after you declutter paper.
If you have a large amount of paper to deal with, turn on some music or a favorite show. Set your timer and start purging. If you need to file papers, set up your files and spend 10 minutes at a time filing.
The one thing many of you do with papers is to sort it into piles, and then stack them all back into a big pile and dump them in a box. You get tired of making decisions on paperwork. I understand. The goal is for you to deal with it a little at a time, and you will eventually not have to make as many decisions with your papers.
Try to only handle paper as little as possible. For my tax papers, I put them immediately into a monthly file folder. Once a month, I sort them into their proper files. I will go back through them at tax time.
Daily I purge the junk mail that comes into my home. One day a week I receive more junk mail than others, but I do my best to not let it pile up.
Where do you struggle with paper clutter?
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter and detail dust the Living Room.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash sheets.

My menu plan for Monday is pizza and wings for the boys. Date night for me and my husband.

Have a great day!

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