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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Dear Friends,
Your Living Room is a place where people gather, whether it’s your family or your friends. How does it look? This week we are detail cleaning in the Living Room. Your Zone Missions are designed to give you ideas on things you can do in the Living Room. You can use them as a springboard for what you need to do to make your Living Room peaceful.
The Living Room can be one of your easiest rooms in the house to detail clean once a month and pick up the rest of the month if you let go of the extra stuff you have in there.
After you finish reading this email, I want you to walk into your Living Room and look at it as if you were a real estate agent. If you were showing your house today, what would you do to the Living Room?
If you have young children who play in the Living Room, give them a place to put their toys when they are finished playing. Have a daily pick up time with them. If they make more than one mess a day in the Living Room, have additional pick up times.
Look at the flat surfaces near the furniture. Do you have lots of things sitting around? If they do not have special meaning to you, consider moving them. The fewer things you have on the flat surfaces, the easier it will be to do your weekly dusting.
Children have a tendency to lose things down in the sofa or chair. That is why I give you a mission to clean them out. Kids find this a fun mission if you let them keep any money that they find. We call it treasure hunting in our house.
Bookshleves in the Living Room should not be overstuffed. If you have bookshelves in the Living Room, limit yourself to only putting what fits on them easily. Resist the temptation to stack them as high as you can.
If you use the Zone Missions each month, it will help you continually declutter and give you a peaceful home. You don’t have to Crisis Clean if you use the Zone Missions and do your Weekly Home Blessings.
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter anything that does not belong in the Living Room.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is hamburgers and tater tots.
Have a great day!


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