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Getting Organized:
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Dear Friends,
How does your kitchen look today?
As I am writing this, we are in the midst of a kitchen renovation.
What I have found during this process is that I have a lot of items in my kitchen that I do not use on a regular basis. As I put things back in the cabinets and drawers, I am going to be selective about what we keep.
If you have followed The FlyLady, you know that we declutter and detail clean in the kitchen each month. This is when you can slowly work your way through your kitchen cabinets and drawers over the course of several months. During the 2nd week of the month, the focus is on the kitchen. You have 5 days that week to spend going through various areas in the kitchen.
Even though I have done this for many years, there were still corners and places in my cabinets that I did not touch the items sitting there until we took everything out for this renovation. My guess is that you have items that you have not touched in your cabinets, too.
As our family has grown, some of our appliances got bigger, too. In some cases, we did not declutter the smaller item. I had three sizes of slow cookers. I decluttered the smallest one.
Take a look at the appliances you have in your kitchen. Do you use them all? I understand that some of them have a specific use once or twice a year. My turkey roasting pan is huge, but I still use it enough to keep it. I will just put it in a place where I don’t need it quickly.
Look at the cups in your cabinet. Do you have too many? Over the years, we collected a lot of plastic cups with six children. I am not sentimental about cups, so I did some decluttering of them. I also decluttered some regular glasses that we don’t use. My coffee cup collection was also larger than we actually need, so I let go of some of them, too.
Peek in your utensil drawer and flatware. Do you have it piled in there? We have a tendency to have too many of one thing and not enough of another. I decluttered some butter knives because I had way too many of them. I am short on forks, so I need to pick up a new pack of them at Sam’s Club. (I use the kind of forks you buy in a big pack for a restaurant.)
Check under your sink. My son, who is a plumber, told me I had too much stuff under my sink. I have decluttered some things that have literally just sat there for years.
You can make your kitchen look fresh and new with a little time and some new organization.
Your Zone Mission today is to have a Hot Spot Fire Drill in the Living Room.
Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.
My menu plan for Tuesday is to dust the ceiling fan and baseboards.
Have a blessed day!

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  1. A couple weeks ago I thought I read an article on purse organization but I can’t find it now. Was it you or do I need to be looking elsewhere?

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