What day do you do your errands?

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Dear Friends,
What day of the week is your errand day? The FlyLady uses Thursday as her errand day. I use Friday as my errand day. Having a specific day of the week helps you manage other days of your week better. The less you go out, the more money you save and the more you get done around the house.
Errand day has been on different days of the week during different seasons of my life. When my children were young, I did some of my errands when my husband was home from work. With six children, it was difficult to navigate stores and follow a list. Sometimes, I needed two shopping carts or had to use the stroller.
When I picked the errands that I would do with the children along, I liked to do the ones that involved dropping off things or picking up things at a drive through window. When gas pumps started offering “pay at the pump,” I was thrilled. Any parent who has had to unbuckle and re-buckle children in car seats knows what I am talking about.
Grocery shopping can be more expensive when you have a lot of little helpers along. You tend to buy more, not look for deals, and try to get in and out as fast as you can. If you have a toddler like one of mine, you also spend a lot of time picking stuff off the floor because they keep throwing stuff out of the cart.
As my children grew, I would still try to take one or two children with me on errand day, but there were times when I needed to get a surprise for someone, or I just needed quiet time. Those times, I would just go alone when my husband was home. Those occasions were rare, but sometimes you need a little time alone.
These past few years, I have found that we can get the bulk of our school work done in four days. On Friday, they can finish up anything that was missed during the week. We can also do our biggest home blessings on Friday morning. Then, I can go grocery shopping and run my errands on Friday afternoon. This has been the best routine by far for me.
If we have an appointment during the week, I might do some of my regular errands (pay bills, post office, etc.), but I typically do not move my grocery shopping day around. I do my best to not stop at the grocery store in between weekly trips. That helps me save money and use the resources I have at home.
Tell me what day of the week do you do your errands?
Today’s Zone Mission is to detail clean the tub/shower.
Your Home Blessing for today is to declutter paper and magazines.
My menu plan for Thursday is corn dogs and tater tots for the boys. Chicken and a salad for me.
Have a great day!

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