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Summer Routines and The FlyLady’s CampGonnaWannaFLY

As we are wrapping up our school year and thinking about the summer, I want to encourage you to find fun ways to keep your routines moving.

In the summer, your children may want to relax on routines. This is the time of year to keep their routines going. You can use the summer to work on new skills.

The main thing is to make it fun for them. You will need to decide on rewards to motivate them to do their routines without dragging their feet or whining.
The FlyLady has a Control Journal called Camp GonnaWannaFly. It has ideas to help you plan a week of things to do with a camp theme, but you can add in new skills as a part of the camp experience.

Just scroll down on the page and click on the download link for it.
During the summer, I reward my children with different activities, such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, bowling, or skating. We don’t do a big activity every day, but I try to incorporate at least one or two of these per week.

One summer, we did the library summer reading program, and the reward was tickets to a minor league baseball game.

On hot days, I have rewarded them with an ice cream cone or a water balloon fight in the yard.

Electronics are used sparingly in the summer for my children. I monitor their screen time. It is not a reward for them.

Another fun activity for them has been to have something to take apart and fix. For girls, it might be a pampering session with doing facials or pedicures.

The goal is to teach them their routines, and for them to do them independently as much as possible. That usually takes up the morning, and after lunch, we have a reward time.

Start thinking about the routines you want your children to have this summer and make a list of rewards.

Your Zone Mission today is to declutter leftovers from the fridge.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is spaghetti and salad.

Have a great day!
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