A Review of Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day by Jeannie Fulbright

Jeannie Fulbright has once again written a book that my children love. She uses a conversational method to teach science in a fun and engaging way. I also love the pronunciation guides for the scientific terminology in this book. And the pictures throughout the book are top-quality pictures. I am thankful to have creation-based science books to use with my children. Thank you!

You can purchase, Exploring Creation Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day by Jeannie Fulbright HERE.

A Review of Homeschool Co-ops by Carol Topp

Are you thinking about starting a homeschool co-op? Are you involved a homeschool co-op that needs some re-structuring? Carol Topp, who is also a CPA, has written a how-to guide on how to start, run, and not burn out. As a homeschool group leader for many years, I would have benefitted from this book when our group went through a major reorganization. Growing pains are never fun, but our growing pains would have been easier with this resource. This books contains space for you to answer questions, and it gives you outlines of questions to ask when structuring your co-op. This book contains 11 chapters, and one chapter that ALL homeschool co-ops should read is the one about 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Organizations. There is a handy checklist and list of resources. I highly recommend this book for any homeschool leader or member.

You can get this book at http://www.homeschoolco-ops.com/.

Homeschooling at the speed of life by Marilyn Rockett

Once upon a time, I was a mom to two children, and I thought I led a fairly organized life. Then God called my husband and me to homeschool our children, and He blessed us with four more children. I also have a business that I run in my “spare” time. So, it is safe to say that some of my organization flew out the window. I have had Marilyn Rockett’s book on my shelf for a while, and after picking it up tonight, I am renewed and invigorated to make some organizational changes in my life. Her book also contains a hand CD-ROM to help make my organizing projects more manageable. This is a book that I bought. It is not just a book that was sent to me for review, and I would recommend it to any homeschool mom who needed a little help in organizing all the stuff that comes along with homeschooling. Marilyn is a Titus 2 woman, and I am so glad she wrote this book to help us get organized.

You can purchase this book HERE.

Review of “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” by Nathaniel Bluedorn

Nathaniel Bluedorn has compiled a book with 400 classical books for children. I have spent a lot of time in the past previewing books for my children, and now I have a resource that is divded up by author with short summaries of some of the author’s books. What a help to me this book has been! There are guides for each book that gives the time period covered, location, and publish date. There is also an index at the end of the book that gives the books listed in the book by topic, such as Animals or Dogs.

You can purchase this book from my website HERE.

Did you think I disppeared from my blog?

Hello! I am sorry it has been so long in between blog postings. Spring has been a very busy season in our household. I attended the MidWest Homeschool Convention in March, and it was wonderful! It also heralded in a busy season for my book business. And I have also tried to spend more time with my husband and children. I have said it before on this blog that my priorities are God, my husband, and my children. This blog definitely takes a back seat to those things in my life. And I have wanted to spend as much time with God and my family lately, so I have just not taken the time to sit down and write in my blog.

I have also spent a lot of time reviewing books lately, so be prepared for several reviews in the near future. I also just returned from the North Carolina Homeschool Convention, and it was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing all of the vendors that I have become friends with, and I enjoyed seeing customers who have shopped with me the past few years. With my store, I am not doing a lot of conventions this year, and I will only be going to a local one-day conference in August. And that will be my last convention of this season.

I pray that God has blessed each of you as He has me!

Win FREE Rosetta Stone Software!

Rosetta Stone has been the #1 foreign language curriculum among homeschoolers for a while — next week they are unleashing a brand new curriculum, and you can WIN the *all new* Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3… FOR FREE!

This is a $219 program (and believe me it’s worth every penny!) and the winner gets to pick from any of these 14 languages: Spanish (Spain or Latin America), English (American or British), Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Hebrew, or Russian.

This will also include a headset with microphone, and students will participate in lifelike conversations and actually produce language to advance through the program. Rosetta Stone still incorporates listening, reading and writing as well, in addition to speaking. Many homeschoolers requested grammar and vocabulary exercises, and with Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3, they’re included! For parents, the new Parent Administrative Tools are integrated into the program and allow parents to easily enroll students in any of 12 predetermined lesson plans, monitor student progress, and view and print reports.

To win this most excellent program — in the language of your choice — copy these (blue) paragraphs and post it in (or as) your next blog post — then to enter the contest, go to the original contest page HERE: http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/JenIG/501132/ and leave a comment with the link showing where you blogged about it. And please make sure the link works to get back to the original contest page when you post it. And good luck! The winner will be picked randomly on March 26, and will be notified thru the link they left to their blog pg. And if you have more than one blog, you can post them and enter those separately for more chances to win. Yay for free stuff!

A Review of Sequential Spelling

This year I have used Sequential Spelling with my son who has struggled with spelling. It has made a huge difference in his spelling abilities. The program is written to teach words that build upon each other. You begin with a small root word, such as the word “in”. And then you begin adding prefixes and suffixes to that word. There are 180 lists in each level, and you give the student a spelling test each day. Each lesson builds from the day before, and the author, Don McCabe, walks you through how to administer the program for the first 8 days. After that, you will be comfortable with how the program works, and you won’t need his lesson guidance.

For the first time in his life, my son says that spelling makes sense, and he is learning. That is a major statement coming from my son.

This program can be used with any age student. I would not recommend it for a student in grades K, 1, or 2. It moves pretty quickly, and I would say that it best suits students from grade 3 and up.

Have a blessed day! Tami