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Dear Friends,
Some of you are enjoying a Holiday week or vacation, so I wanted to share some ideas with you for summer fun for your little ones. I have such fond memories of summer vacations and making memories when my children were young.
Water Table.
Young children love playing in water. We had a small water table that the boys played with for years. I set ii up in the shade and let them play as long as they wanted. Often, I would also have a small wading pool nearby, so they went back and forth.
Water tables provide hours of fun and education. You can play float and sink games with various items. They will learn about buoyancy and also how some things sink faster than others.
Sand box.
My children also enjoyed a sandbox for playing with cars and trucks. Children love to dig holes and fill them in. At the beach, we spent hours building sand castles and making trenches and moats around the castle. They learned a lot about the properties of sand and how to use a little bit of water to form their buildings better.
If you have outdoor pets, I recommend a sand box that you can cover when it is not being used. Sandboxes are easy to maintain, but they can attract animals, and you don’t want to deal with the mess an animal can make in your sandbox.
Sidewalk Chalk.
If you have a place outside for your children to draw with sidewalk chalk, it’s a fun activity that can be washed away with a water hose. I have such fond memories of drawing outlines of my children when they were little. Then, we decorated their chalk outlines. If you do this, remember to take pictures.
When I am working in the church nursery, a favorite distraction for them is blowing bubbles. Children love bubbles, and if you have the ability to set up a big vat of bubble solution outside, your children will have fun for hours. We had large wands and a large tub that I made a mixture with liquid dishwashing soap that allowed them to make large bubbles.
Park Day.
If you have a park close to you, schedule a park day each week with friends. Two of our local parks have splash pads for young children to play and cool off on a hot summer day. We have several parks that are not too far to drive, and there are moms in my homeschool group who set up play dates and send out emails to remind us about them. Park day is a lot of fun for your kids and for you, too.
What are some of your favorite summer activities with young children?
Your Zone Mission today is to Declutter and sweep the front porch & wipe the front door.
Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.
My menu plan for Tuesday is chicken and rice casserole.
Have a great day!

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