The First Step is the Hardest

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Dear Friends,
Thank you for sharing your favorite FlyLady tips with me. I have a few more to share with all of you today.
From Lola:
My favorite isn’t exactly a tip. It’s the weekly home blessing. I enjoy spending one hour a week getting my entire house clean. My chores are swish and swipe, dust entire house, clean mirrors, glass doors and glass tabletops, vacuuming and mopping. I have an 1800 sq ft house and it only takes an hr a week to cover every room. I’ve decluttered my house so my tabletops have minimal items which makes dusting with a damp purple rag a breeze. And of course, I like the different zones each week.
If you have not done a Weekly Home Blessing Hour, I want you to do one soon. I loved the years when my schedule allowed me to do all of the Home Blessings at one time. With homeschooling and working, it is just better for me to spread them out throughout the week.
This next one is a recommitment to the FlyLady System from a reader.
I know in order to succeed in educating my kids, my house needs to be in order. I can’t spend all day flitting from one thing to another and getting nothing accomplished! I’ve known of FlyLady for several years, even referred friends to her who now love her methods, but I never stuck with them because I tried to do it all at once and burned out every time! But I’m going to try again, and follow the steps!
There are probably many of you in the same circumstances. Today is your new start on the Baby Steps. Shine your sink and get dressed down to the shoes.
It’s that easy to get started. You do not have to do everything at once. The key is to start.
A real life example in my life happened recently. The first step this the hardest step. Our minds work overtime to keep us from taking that first step.
Five weeks ago, I had a procedure on my knee to clean up the meniscus. I did the proper follow up advice from my doctor. I did physical therapy. This week I was able to start back to running a little at a time.
The first day I went out there, I knew I had to walk a bit to warm up. My mind worked overtime to keep me from taking the first step to running. I had to really push that out of my head. I told myself that I would never know if it hurt to run if I didn’t actually try it.
My goal was to just run for 30 seconds and see how it felt. I was able to do it without pain. I just keep alternating walking and running for 30 seconds up to 60 seconds at one time. I didn’t try to push or go fast.
As I wrapped up my second mile, I knew I had done enough. I did a little cool down walk. I felt great! The day after that I did the spin bike and swimming. The day after that I did run/walk intervals of 90 seconds each.
What I learned was that my mind played a big role in my running, and I had to take that first step.
Your routines are the same way. You need to take the first step!
Today’s Zone Mission is to declutter at the end of your bed.
Your Home Blessing for today is to take off the trash, sweep, and mop.
My menu plan for Friday is chef’s surprise!
Have a great weekend!

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