5 Things We Tend to Put Off

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Dear Friends,
Happy Wednesday to you all! Today is anti-procrastination day, and if you have not participated before, I want you to start something today that you have been putting off. For those of you who have been participating in anti-procrastination day, I want to hear what you are doing.
The zone missions each day are designed to help you clean your home in small, consistent steps. If you have been busy with end of year school activities, I don’t want you to put off your zone missions. They are important to helping you maintain your home. Jump back in today!
Your home blessings sometimes start to slide on your priority scale when you get busy ending your school year. Your homeschool is important, and so is ending your year and celebrating. It’s also important to keep your home blessing routine going. If you have had a busy few weeks, jump back into them today.
As you start looking at the structure of your days/weeks during the summer, you might change your home blessings from one or two a day to doing them all in an hour once a week. If my schedule allowed me to do mine once a week, I would go back to that format. I love that feeling when I finish all seven parts of the Home Blessing in the same day.
Do you have hot spots that are burning? Little piles of clutter attract more clutter, and before you know it, the flat surfaces in your home have more piles than open places. Spend a few minutes today dealing with hot spots.
Are there stacks of mail, bills, and cards that you need to deal with? Paperwork in the home is a constant need. Set aside time daily to deal with your mail. Set aside time weekly to pay bills and file paperwork.
Are you putting off your self care and daily movement? I have found it to be true that if I put off my self care and exercise, I do not get it taken care of daily. It has to be a priority in the early morning for me, and it is done after my morning quiet time.
These five things are not the only things people put off, but they are things I hear over and over again from my readers. Don’t try to change everything you are doing all at once. Pick one of these and develop the habit. Then move onto another one.
Remember that The FlyLady says the only wrong way to do her system is to do nothing at all. Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family.
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter items from the Master Bathroom.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is soup and sandwiches.
Have a blessed day!

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