Making Your Bedroom a Place of Peace and Rest

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Dear Friends,
Your Master Bedroom is your sanctuary. It is your place of rest, and for many of you, it is your dumping ground. This week we are going to work on getting rid of the things that you do not need that have taken up residence in your bedroom.
We are going to start off week by cleaning out under your bed and tossing the dust bunnies out of your home.
Zone 4 Missions: The Master Bedroom
Monday – Declutter under your bed and sweep or vacuum under it. Toss the dust bunnies!
Tuesday – Put away your clothes. Deal with the laundry baskets and any piles in your home.
Wednesday – Clean off the nightstand.
Thursday – Clean of the dresser or chest of drawers.
Friday – Wash your bedding and remake your bed.
Set your timers and then take a break when it goes off!
We are decluttering a little each day in our homes through the zone missions. If you have a lot of clutter, you can declutter anywhere in the home for 5 minutes a day and make a big difference. You can use this 5 minutes a day to deal with stacks of paper clutter, or books that don’t fit on your bookshelves, or go through your clothes and donate items you are not wearing.
You want to spend a lot of time on your decluttering each day, and when you don’t have a big chunk of time to declutter, you just don’t do anything. But you can change your thinking on decluttering.
A few weeks ago, we purged a lot of clothes when one of the boys moved from the downstairs to the upstairs. This weekend, I was able to paint the bedroom be moved out of because I had done this decluttering mission.
When I was decluttering, I was not thinking about painting that room. I was just focused on helping him switch rooms. I see now how much it helped me to have that room really thinned down in the amount of clothes in the closet.
Weekly Menu Plan
Monday – Pork chops and a Salad
Tuesday – Easter leftovers
Wednesday – Soup and Sandwiches
Thursday – Chicken and Salad
Friday – Take out
Enjoy your week! Keep your routines simple.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets.
Your Zone Mission for Monday is to clean out under your bed and sweep or vacuum.
My menu plan for Monday is pork chops and salad.
Have a blessed day!

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