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Dear Friends,
Are you ready for the weekend? If you have not finished your zone missions for the week, I want you to do what you can in 15 minutes today.
If you have busy weeks sometimes, I want you to still try to get in two or three days of Zone Missions. I know that co-ops and field trips sometimes happen and through you off on your missions.
The thing I do not want you to do is to hold all of the missions to do on Saturday. Saturday is your family fun day. It’s not supposed to be your big project day. You have spent many years doing big projects on the weekend. Start protecting your weekend time and plan some fun activities!
If you are not budgeting your time to get the zone missions done daily, I want that to be your focus area for the next two weeks. Once you start seeing the benefits from the daily missions, you will want to keep up that routine.
The first step to any new routine is the hardest. It gets easier. I will give you a real-life example. I have been swimming for a long time, but I don’t like keeping my face in the water and breathing by turning my head to the side.
Learning this skill is muscle memory, so this week, I am making myself practice my side breathing in the pool. I don’t love it, and it is not comfortable. But I am going to keep practicing it.
Your routines are muscle memory, too. As you build your daily habits, you will start to find yourself doing them without thinking about it.
Your zone mission meets up with your home blessing for today. So use the zone mission time to declutter 27 things from your home. Focus on throwing away stuff or putting away stuff.
Today’s Zone Mission is to mop your bathroom floor and do a 27 Fling Boogie.
Your Home Blessing for today is to empty the trash, sweep, and mop.
My menu plan for Friday is take out.
Have a great weekend!

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