What am I asked about decluttering?

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Dear Friends,
Welcome to week 3 of the month! This is the week where you choose an additional area to declutter besides the main bathroom. I will have some ideas below for you if you don’t have a second area picked out. But if you have a room that is filled with clutter, I want you to spend 10 minutes a day getting the clutter out.
If the room you are decluttering depresses you, I want you to take items out of the room and then deal with them. You do not have to sit in the room to declutter it.
Here are you missions for the week:
Zone 2 Missions: The Kitchen
Monday – clean around the toilet in your main bathroom. Go around the house with a small trash bag and toss items for 10 minutes.
Tuesday – wash your bathroom trash can. Go around the house and find items to donate.
Wednesday – Toss empty bottles and expired items from the medicine cabinet. Go around the house and put things away.
Thursday – Shine bathroom sink. Go around the house and toss clutter.
Friday – Mop the bathroom. Do a 27 Fling Boogie through the house. (For the 27 Fling Boogie, you will find items to toss, donate, and put away.)
Set your timers for 15 minutes and then take a break when it goes off!
Weekly Menu Plan
Monday – Chicken and a Salad
Tuesday – Pizza and a Salad
Wednesday – Soup and Sandwiches
Thursday – Breakfast for Dinner
Friday – Take out
Enjoy your week! Keep your routines simple.
“Will I ever be finished decluttering?”
This question has been asked of me many times. My response is the same, “As long as you bring new things into your home, you are going to need to declutter.”
Decluttering daily is something that needs to be a part of your routine. Mail is delivered. Packages arrive. You go shopping. Your children make things. People give you things. The list can go on and on.
A few people were discouraged when I told them that I still declutter daily. It’s true. It’s often not a lot of stuff that I declutter, but I either throw things away daily when I clear a Hot Spot, or I put things in the “to be donated” box. Some things from the Hot Spot end up getting put away.
If you have a lot of clutter in your home, you need to get rid of two things for each new thing that comes into the house. You also need to declutter for 15 minutes a day. You will need to work with your children on decluttering from their rooms, too.
If you have an area in your home that really bothers you because of the clutter, I want you to focus on that for a couple of days and start seeing a difference. You have to throw things away. You have to donate things. Once you start getting clutter out of your house rather than just finding a new place for it, you will love seeing areas cleared up.
Many of the ladies I mentor find that they maintain areas very well once they have decluttered it. It gives them peace and joy. They do not let the clutter back into those areas.
You do not have a lot of extra time in your days to declutter. Use your timer for 15 minutes a day. You can spare that much time. You spend more time than that on your computer or phone. You can budget 15 minutes a day to declutter your way to peace.
The first step to change is the hardest step. Take it today.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets.
Your Zone Mission for Monday is clean around the toilet. Then go through the house and find things to toss.
My menu plan for Monday is chicken and salad.
Have a blessed day!

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