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Dear Friends,
Happy Friday! We are wrapping up the first week of the year and wrapping up our zone missions in Zone 1. This Zone is important because it is the first impression people get when they come to your home.
How does your front porch look? It’s been a rainy season in North Carolina, and my porch needs a good washing down when the mud dries up. Until then, we can keep the clutter from accumulating on the porch.
Did you put away your Christmas decorations that are on the porch? Do any of you still have some fall décor hanging around outside?
Spend 15 minutes on the Front Porch area and Entryway today. Do those final touches to make it look inviting. Have a place for the things your family needs to have handy when leaving the house. Then, ask them to put away any other things that they have left in the Entryway.
Do you have home maintenance that you check on the first week of the month? That is when we check our furnace filters, light bulbs, and fire detectors. Last week, my husband and the boys checked the gutters and cleaned out the leaves that had gathered in them.
If you have a filter on your refrigerator, check on it. If you haven’t fully cleaned your dryer vent, put that on your home maintenance list to do. It’s not something we can do easily with all of the rain we have had, but it is good to do it once every three months. I will put it down for us to do later in the month.
It’s Friday, and that also means it’s the day of the week to clean out your car and purse. My routine is to toss trash from my car every time I come into the house. When I get gas, I will ask the boys to check the back areas of the car for trash, and we take care of it then. I don’t drive around with a car full of trash. If we are on a road trip, we toss trash every time we stop.
My purse gets cleaned out once a week as well. I usually clean it out after I do my weekly grocery shopping. I don’t always remind you on Friday about these two routines, and I wanted to remind you of them in case you have not had a chance to clean out the car or your purse this week.
Here’s a quick review of the FlyLady’s suggestions for each day of the week:
Monday – Weekly Home Blessing Hour
Tuesday – Plan and Play Day
Wednesday – Anti-procrastination Day
Thursday – Errand Day
Friday – Clean out your car and purse
Tell me how you are doing with your Zone Missions. I want you to make an effort with today’s mission especially. You need to pamper yourself!
Today’s Zone Mission is to pamper yourself for 15 minutes.
Your Home Blessing for today is to empty the trash, sweep, and mop.
My menu plan for Friday is take out.
Send me pictures of your progress this week in zone 5 and zone 1!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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