Happy New Year! My Word Reveal for 2019

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 
Happy New Year!
My prayer for each of you is that you have a blessed year filled with love, joy, peace, and grace.
Each day of the year is a new start for you, and I want you to practice the habit of letting the negative feelings go each day. It is easy to start the negative talking in your head of the “could have,” “should have,” and “wish I had.”
Love yourself and love where you are in your life’s journey.
Practice your daily routines until they are habits. Do the daily zone missions. Enjoy your Weekly Home Blessings. You are blessing yourself and your family by doing these things.
Take care of yourself daily. Pamper yourself. Nurture your relationships.
We live in a busy, instant society. Be sure you have places in your calendar for those quiet moments, too.
Over the past month, I have thought and prayed about my word for the year. The word that keeps coming up is “tenacious.”
From Merriam Webster -


Definition of tenacious

1a: not easily pulled apart : COHESIVE 
a tenacious metal
b: tending to adhere or cling especially to another substance
tenacious burs
2a: persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired
tenacious advocate of civil rights tenacious negotiators
tenacious memory
“Tenacious.” Merriam-Webster.com. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 30 Dec. 2018.
In 2019, I want to be tenacious with my life. I want to cling fast to God. I want to be persistent in my relationships with my family. I want to walk each day in faith.
In my home, I want to adhere and cling to my routines. My days have changed in the order in which things are done now that I am working. I am finding new places for my zone missions in my daily schedule.
My Home Blessings are still done one or two per day. The laundry is staying caught up thanks to a family who does his or her part in the process.
My weekly menu plan helps all of us to know what’s for dinner, and we work together to cook. I am thankful for strong routines and a supportive family. Our teamwork shows daily in the flow of our home.
Do you have a word for the year?
Your Home Blessing for today is to enjoy your family.
Your Zone Mission for today is to pick up behind yourself.
My menu plan for Tuesday is the traditional Southern New Year’s Meal – pork, black-eyed peas, and collard greens.
Have a blessed day!

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