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Getting Organized:
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Dear Friends,
Happy anti-procrastination day! Do you have a favorite duster or dusting cloth? I personally, do not want to be without my FlyLady Feather Duster or my FlyLady Purple Rags. Both of these tools make my home blessings and zone missions fun and easy.
Today’s zone mission is to wipe windows, walls, switches, and door knobs in the Dining Room. If you have The FlyLady’s microfiber cloths, use them for this. Wet one with warm water and have a dry one handy. Wipe quickly and then dry as needed. You will be surprised at how quickly this mission goes.
Next, I want you to think about something you have been putting off and start it as soon as you finish reading this email. It just has to get started. You do not have to complete the task. I just want you to make progress on the things you are procrastinating.
Speaking of procrastinating, have you started your Christmas cards? If not, start them today. If you don’t have the cards yet, you can work on the address labels. Check addresses. Count how many cards and stamps you need. The point is to just start.
Do you have all of your Christmas gifts purchased and wrapped? If you need to do these things, this is a great project for anti-procrastination day. Set up a wrapping station with paper, ribbon, tape, bows, boxes, bags, tissue, scissors, pens, and labels. Work on gift wrapping a little at a time. Don’t let your perfectionism take over. Just do it.
If you have small children in the house, you can number the packages, and then you can write down who gets which gift. You just cannot lose the list, and you will want it in a secure location to keep wandering eyes from seeing it.
Do something for yourself today. Fix your favorite beverage. Sit down and relax for a few minutes. It does not have to take a long time. If your evening is free, run a warm bath and have a little soak in the tub. If you do needlework of any kind, sit and enjoy a few minutes of that. There are many ways to relax and enjoy yourself.
Your Zone Mission today is to wipe the windows, walls, switches, and door knobs in the Dining Room.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is lasagna.
Have a blessed day!

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