Habit #9 – Everyone Needs a Before Bed Routine

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Habit #9 – Have a Before Bed Routine
The most important habit of your day is your Before Bed Routine. This routine sets you up for a less stressful morning the next day. Reducing your stress is a healthy habit. It does not have to be a complicated routine either. You don’t have to wait until bedtime to start your Before Bed Routine. You start it right after your evening meal.
Each night, check your calendar for the next day and check the weather report. Lay out your clothes and lay out anything else you will need first thing in the morning. Designate a place in your home as a “launch pad” for these items. Teach your children to lay their clothes, shoes, and socks out at night also.
Next, tackle a hot spot in your home. A hot spot is simply a place that has accumulated clutter. Spend a few minutes putting things away, throwing out trash, and organizing this flat surface. As you do this consistently, you will start to notice you have less and less clutter to deal with daily. You will also see that it is easier to clean your home when you don’t have to work around clutter.
Wash the dinner dishes and shine your sink. This is usually the best time of day to run your dishwasher. Then, it can be emptied before you go to bed, and it is ready for the breakfast dishes the next morning.
Just before you go to bed wash your face and brush your teeth.
Now, I know I will step on some toes with this next part of your Before Bed Routine.
Establish a bedtime for your children and for yourself. You need a good night’s sleep, and that doesn’t happen if you are staying up until all hours of the night. Set a cut off time for electronics in your home in the evenings. Spend some time relaxing and go to bed at a decent hour.
This routine will help you the next morning when you wake up, and your clothes are ready for you to put on. Your kitchen will greet you with a shiny sink and maybe even a pot of coffee, if you set it up the night before.
You will be healthier and have more energy when you get enough sleep at night, and your stress will be a lot less when everyone has what they need laid out for the morning. Think about how your family gets ready to leave the house now, and think about how it would be if everyone had their clothes, shoes, and socks ready to go.
Today’s Zone Mission is to have a Hot Spot Fire Drill in the Entryway.
Your Home Blessing for today is to take out the trash, sweep, and mop.
My menu plan for Friday is take out.
Send me pictures of your progress this week in zone 4!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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