Habit #5 – Daily Movement Increases Your Health and Happiness

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Dear Friends,
Are you working on your habits and routines as I go through the 12 Habits to help you increase your health and happiness? Read on after this week’s missions for today’s habit.
This week we are decluttering in the Living Room, Front Porch, Entryway, and Dining Room.
Here are you missions for the week:
Zones 5 and 1 Missions: The Living Room, Front Porch & Entryway
Monday – Declutter in the Living Room
Tuesday - Go Sofa/Chair Diving
Wednesday – Hot Spot Fire Drill in the Living Room
Thursday – Take down Halloween Decorations & Sweep Front Porch
Friday – Hot Spot Fire Drill in Entryway
Set your timers and then take a break when it goes off!
Habit #5 – Moving Your Body Daily
Daily exercise or movement is essential for a healthy body. It also lifts your mood when you move regularly. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours a day exercising, but you can find 15 minutes in your day to move intentionally.
Your circulatory system needs the daily activity to send blood through your body a little faster than when you are sedentary. Your insulin is better regulated when you have daily movement. Your blood pressure also responds well when you have regular daily exercise. You boost your metabolism with daily movement.
When you feel depressed and have a lack of energy, a brisk walk will boost how you feel. You can even walk inside if the weather or your health does not permit you to walk outside. You can do double duty and declutter around the house and have purposeful movement daily.
A fun way to do this is to have a reverse scavenger hunt. Start with one item that is not where it belongs. Pick it up and take it to where you need to put it away.
While you are in that area, look for something else that is out of place. When you put the second item up, look for a third item that needs to be put away. Do this for 15 minutes every day. You will increase your daily steps, and you will be putting things away at the same time.
If you struggle with a regular routine of movement, call a friend and set up some days to walk together. The accountability will help you in establishing the habit.
Daily movement is a healthy habit that will also increase your health and happiness.
Here’s your recap of the Weekly Zone Missions.
On Monday, spend 15 minutes decluttering in the Living Room. Keep it quick and keep your Holiday decorating in mind. Put away some of the things you have on display to make room for your Holiday items.
On Tuesday, pull the cushions from your sofa and chairs. Do a quick vacuum after you get the bigger stuff out of them.
On Wednesday, spend 15 minutes doing a Hot Spot Fire Drill in the Living Room. Attack the clutter that is around the room and in the corners.
On Thursday, take down the Halloween decorations and sweep the front porch.
On Friday, Hot Spot Fire Drill in the Entryway.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets.
Your Zone Mission for Monday is to declutter in the Living Room.
My menu plan for Monday is chicken and rice.
Have a blessed day!

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