Habit #4 – Making Your Bed Daily

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Habit #4 – Making Your Bed Daily
Another habit that helps you have a happy and healthy home is making your bed daily. Most of our moms tried to help us develop this habit. Some of us did it kicking and screaming, and in adulthood, the bed is rarely made.
When you make you bed first thing in the morning, you are greeted by a relaxing, pleasant sight every time you walk into your bedroom. It does not have to be made perfectly. Just straighten the bedding and fluff the pillows. It takes a few seconds to do each side of the bed.
Some of you are already thinking of your “what-ifs” in your head right now. For the most part, these are excuses. If your spouse is still in bed when you get up, just make your side of the bed.
If your spouse works a swing shift and sleeps during the day, make the bed when he gets up. If you have a child who naps in your bed in the afternoon, straighten your bed in the morning and after the nap.
You can spend more energy coming up with excuses than it will actually take you to make the bed.
Another way to have a healthy bed is to wash your sheets weekly. This washes away the dead skin, dust mites, and regular dust. You need to use warm or hot water to get rid of the dust mites, but you will breathe better if you bedding is washed weekly.
The easiest way to execute a bedding change is to have two sets of sheets per bed. Once a week, pull the sheets and pillow cases off. Then remake the bed immediately with the second set of sheets. Wash the dirty set, dry it, and fold it. You are ready for the next week. Don’t try to fold them perfectly. Fitted sheets can be folded or rolled, or you can just fold them a few times and store them between your mattress and box springs.
If you have a large household, you can assign a laundry day to each person. They would be responsible to wash their clothes and bedding on that day each week.
Having a clean fresh bed is a healthy habit. You will also be happy when you crawl into a pretty bed each night.
Today’s Zone Mission is to declutter the top of the dresser and dust.
Your Home Blessing for today is to take out the trash, sweep, and mop.
My menu plan for Friday is take out.
Send me pictures of your progress this week in zone 4!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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