Habit #2 – 12 Habits for a Happy and Healthy Home

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 

Habit #2 – Declutter for 15 Minutes a Day
(Series on 12 Habits for a Happy and Healthy Home)
We live in an instant society. Things are made to be disposable more than reusable. We are collectors and hoarders of all the stuff. We go out and come back with stuff.
We sit at the computer or on our phones and order more stuff. Well-meaning friends and family pass their stuff on to us. The mailman brings us stuff in the form of mail. We receive mostly junk mail, but scattered in it are important papers and bills.
What do we do with all of this stuff? We are drowning in clutter. It affects our homes, our moods, and our relationships.
Spend 15 minutes each day getting rid of stuff. Separate it into one of three categories.
Throw away.
This is easy. Get a trash can or trash bag and toss the clutter. This is especially helpful for non-sensitive paperwork. But it is also helpful for the stuff you have been holding onto even though it is not even worth donating.
You are holding onto broken things on the off chance that you are going to need a part from it someday. You are holding onto plastic toys that are beyond their usefulness to your children. You are holding onto clothes and rags that are stained, tattered, and torn.
Take a deep breath and trash this stuff. Release yourself from any guilt you feel in throwing it away. You are going to feel peaceful and happy as you let go of this excess trash in your home.
Give away.
This is going to be hard for some of you. The most effective way to relieve yourself of clutter besides throwing it away is giving it away. You can bless someone else with your abundance. You have stuff in your home that is well past its usefulness to you. You are holding onto it “just in case.” You are thinking you can make some money from it by selling it.
Most of the stuff cluttering your home just needs to go. You are not going to make a fortune hoarding stuff. You are not going to recoup the cost of the item.
Some of you were raised without a lot of money or means. You have learned to make do and reuse items. Some of you were raised by parents or grandparents who lived through The Great Depression. Take a look around you. Are you in need? Or are you surrounded by stuff that you don’t use?
Start letting go of the clutter. Let go of the things that don’t make you happy. Find a local charity and drop off your excess.
Put away.
A third way to get your clutter off of your flat surfaces is to simply put it away. Flat surfaces attract clutter. Every member of your household uses flat surfaces to put things down. Part of your decluttering process is to find places for this stuff that is cluttering your flat surfaces.
When you are decluttering area, you can allow yourself to put some of the stuff in a box or basket labeled Put Away. Later, if you cannot find a place for the item, it will need to go in one of the other boxes to throw away or give away.
This part of the process allows you time to decide on certain items. You cannot keep everything, but you can keep the things that make you happy and bring you good memories.
When you bring something new into the house, you need to get rid of at least one item, but for most of you, you need to let go of two or more items to help bring a balance to your home.
Teach your children to bless others with their excess as well. Children can be little hoarders of toys and favorite clothes. Many times, these items end up not being played with and become dust collectors. Organize your children’s toys and clothes and purge regularly with them when they are young. As they get older, give them specific assignments to bring you clothes that don’t fit or toys they don’t play with any longer.
Remember that she who has the most stuff is not the winner. You can’t take stuff with you when you die. Let things go now and enjoy the happiness of blessing someone else with your abundance.
Your home will become a happier place as you have less stuff to take care of and move around. It will be healthier because you won’t be continually cleaning around the clutter.
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter from the bottom of your closet. Donate some shoes.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is soup and sandwiches.
Have a blessed day!

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