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Dear Friends,
Happy August 1! Today we start practicing a new Habit of the Month. The FlyLady tells us that a load of laundry a day keeps Mt. Washmore away. There are 5 distinct steps of doing the laundry, and some of the steps trip us up.
Today, as I was ready to sit down to write to you, the dryer buzzed. Ironic, huh? I asked my 12-year-old to come help me by handing me the clothes from the dryer as I folded or hung them up.
We had a nice chat while we worked together in the laundry room. I asked him what he thinks of laundry. His response was that we always have it. (LOL) Gotta love his honesty.
In a family of six, we DO have a lot of laundry. We divide it up by the day of the week. I have a load of dark clothes each day that includes my clothes, my husband’s clothes, and my two youngest son’s clothes. I have a load of towels a day. (When you live in the humid South, it is hard to hang them to dry and reuse.) I also have a load of someone’s bedding each day.
Two of my sons work during the week, so they have adopted the weekend as their time to wash their clothes and bedding. Occasionally, they will do it during the week one evening after work, but it’s hard for them to pick a specific day for this. They both work jobs that require you to stay until it is completed, so they never have a specific end time for each day of the week.
Since I am processing a lot of laundry, I enlist the boys to help me. They have learned to sort (Though they seem to forget that skill from time to time.) They know how to start a load and choose the appropriate setting to run a load of laundry.
They can also move the load from the washer to the dryer when the signal goes off. Many times I enlist the taller ones to switch the laundry for me because my washer is so big that I cannot touch the bottom of it. When I do switch it, I lean in so far that my feet are not on the floor. LOL
They have learned to check the lint filter on the dryer and set the timer for the type of load it is. The older ones also know how to clean the dryer vent for me. This needs to be done every three months or so. I put a reminder on my calendar.
When a load of laundry finishes, my dryer plays a pleasant little tune. Someone folds that load. It depends on what it is really. The youngest two fold towels and wash cloths. If someone’s bedding is washed, that person takes care of that load. If it is someone’s clothes, that person folds it. If it is a group load, we work on folding it together.
Once the laundry is folded or hung up, it is put away.
Now, I will say that our system is not always perfect. Sometimes, someone forgets a load in the washer or dryer. Sometimes, someone starts a load and heads off. That can mess up the system for everyone else, so I try to remind them to take care of it before they leave. In a pinch, I will finish it off.
If your child is a teenager, he or she needs to know how to do laundry from start to finish. If you have been doing it for them, it’s time to start including them.
How is the laundry in your house?
Your Zone Mission today is to toss trash from Zone 1 – The Front Porch, Entryway, and Dining Room.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is lasagna with a salad.
Have a great day!

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