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Dear Friends,
How are your missions moving along in your Master Bedroom? Are you seeing progress? An inexpensive way to give your Master Bedroom a makeover is start with decluttering it.
Declutter the Flat Surfaces
You can change the look of your bedroom by clearing off flat surfaces and maintaining them. You can make it look less cluttered by putting away your laundry and not using furniture to hold your clothing.
You can move your furniture around and make your bedroom look like a different place. You can change your throw pillows to give a new color scheme to your room.
Move Your Furniture Around
You can move furniture out that is not serving you well in your bedroom and put a different piece of furniture in its place.
Sometimes we get so used to the things that are in our rooms that we neglect thinking about how we can change things around.
Paint Your Bedroom
If you have not painted your bedroom in a while, you can think about painting. That will cost more money than moving stuff around, but you can take a look at the budget to see if that is feasible.
Change the Pictures in Your Bedroom
Another way to change the look and feel of your bedroom is to consider the pictures you have displayed. Do you have other pictures you can switch out from other places in your home?
Set up Special Displays
Do you have special items that you would like to display but haven’t took time to set up in your room. If your children are older now, you might like to have some baby pictures displayed in your bedroom.
Move the Electronics Out
Are your electronics taking over your bedroom? So many people have charging stations in their bedrooms. If you do this, I would suggest relocating it to another room in the house, such as a family room or living room. Getting the electronics out of your bedroom will bring you peace and less light at night.
Clear Off the Nightstand
Is your nightstand a catch all? If you routinely have a large stack of books and stuff beside of your bed, consider making this area a place where you keep only a few items. You don’t want to look at a stack of books first thing each morning.
Only Keep Things Out that Bring You Joy
Look for ways to minimize the clutter in your bedroom. Only have out the things that you really enjoy seeing daily. Find another place to store things other than your dresser top and flat surfaces.
When you go to bed at night, you want the feeling of peace and relaxation to come to you when you lay down. You don’t want to survey the piles of clutter that surround you.
Your Zone Mission today is to dust along the tops of the walls and ceiling in your bedroom.
Your Home Blessing for today is to toss papers and magazines.
My menu plan for Thursday is soup, sandwiches, and a salad.

Have a great day!

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