Are you taking care of yourself, Sister?

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Dear Friends,
After watching a video this morning, I was struck by the thought that The FlyLady teaches us to love ourselves and take care of ourselves for a reason. She wants us to be healthy, so we can take care of our loved ones.
Sister, are you taking care of yourself?
Self-care is not selfish. It is loving yourself, so you can love and take care of your family. I have been down the road of exhaustion and poor health because I put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own basic needs.
After a couple of difficult years in 2010 and 2011, my health was the worst it has ever been. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was overweight. If I had continued on that path, I was headed for serious health issues. I was at a high risk for a stroke. I was not able to effectively care for my young family.
I had spent months helping care for my in laws, and I had allowed the stress and lack of sleep put me into a self-destructive cycle. I made the decision to take care of my health, so I could continue to take care of my family. This was not a selfish thing for me to do.
My FlyLady routines were pretty good except for a couple of key habits. I was not getting enough rest at night. I was not drinking enough water. I was not getting in purposeful movement.
My house looked good, but I was not taking care of myself.
A change had to happen with me. I had to make the decision for myself. It was not because someone else wanted me to make the change. I wanted to change, so I would be healthier and happier. If you have gone months with interrupted sleep, you know exactly what I am talking about in regards to feeling happier. Months of sleep deprivation make a person grumpy and snappy.
You can’t change all of your bad habits at once. I knew this, so I started small. I worked on drinking water instead of caffeine and sugar drinks. I replaced those drinks one at a time. I started exercising 10 minutes at a time. I did stretching and light cardio and worked my way up. I worked on getting to bed earlier. I took naps on the days when I was up and down a lot at night.
My self-care changes have helped my health tremendously. My doctor says that most people over age 40 do not reverse poor health issues like I have done. I have the strength and energy to care for my family. My blood pressure is lower. My cholesterol is normal. I am not grumpy from lack of sleep.
All of these positive changes enable me to be a better caregiver for my family. It sets a good example for my children to take care of their health.
What are you doing right now to take care of your health, sister?
Your Zone Mission today is to wipe the light switch plates and door knobs in your bathroom.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is soup and sandwiches with a salad.
Have a great day!

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