Are you procrastinating your daily routines?

Getting Organized:
In your Home and Homeschool 


Dear Friends,
Happy anti-procrastination day! How are your routines this summer? How are your children’s routines? During the summer, we encounter different schedules and commitments, and sometimes the routines of the day don’t seem as important.
You basic daily routine is the spine in running your home. It’s what holds your home together. Your daily routines are important, and you can move things around and do them at a different time of day if needed. I see this happen most often with the afternoon routine.
Your Before Bed Routine is the main routine of your day. It sets you up for a great start to the next morning. It’s not a complicated routine, but it is often overlooked and pushed to the side.
When I have a busy day with lots of bumps along the road, my routines anchor me. They give me structure. My routines keep my house running smoothly. My routines bring peace.
Some of you are thinking, “How do you keep a routine going when everything seems to be falling in around me?”
“How do I complete my routines when I am being pulled in many different directions at once?”
“Do my routines really matter?”
First, you need to write your daily routines on a paper, or an index card, or in a notebook. I included pages in my Homeschool Plannerfor you to write down your daily routines. When things go hay-wire with your schedule and demands, you will have something to check for your routines. If you watch my morning videos on Facebook, I have my daily routines posted on my school cabinet in the kitchen.
When you face distractions during your routines, use your list and check off each thing as you complete it. If you are interrupted, you can easily go to the next step when you are finished with the distraction. For many moms, young children can be unpredictable. Your routines may have interruptions by these little blessings.
My routines are a priority, and I treat them as such. They do matter. By keeping my basic routines in place, I am able to keep the CHAOS monster at bay in my home. My routines help me bless myself and my family with a home that I am not embarrassed to have someone come over unexpectedly.
Your routines matter to YOU. If you are still establishing them, you may not feel that way you. They BLESS you. They are not a ball and chain. They bring you peace and order.
Since today is anti-procrastination day, I want you to do your best to complete your Morning and Before Bed Routines today. If those two routines are firmly in place, then do the steps to your afternoon routine.
When I talk to ladies and receive emails, the question that comes up the most has to do with getting rid of clutter. During the afternoon routine, you clear a Hot Spot. If you do this daily, it is going to help you with your clutter problem.
The only way to rid your home of clutter is to get rid of something each day. Intentionally purging as your clear off Hot Spots will help you get the clutter out of your home a little bit at a time.
Today’s zone missions will help you get rid of dust and maybe even some germs.
Your Zone Mission today is to wipe outside of your bathroom vanity or cabinet. Then wipe your computer screen and computer keyboard.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.
My menu plan for Wednesday is lasagna with a salad.
Have a great day!

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