Day 1 – Closing Out Your Homeschool Year

5 Days of Decluttering and Closing Out Your School Year:
End your school year, so you can be ready to start your new year later.


Dear Friends,
This week I am traveling to a conference in Lansing, Michigan. I am sharing a series I wrote last May on Closing Out Your School Year. There are 5 parts to the series, and you will receive one per day in place of my normal emails. If you scroll down to the bottom, I will have the Zone Missions and Weekly Home Blessings for you. I will not post a menu plan for each day since I am on the road.

Thank you for joining me this week to close your homeschool year out and declutter in small steps.

As a homeschool mom of six children over the past 17 years, I have learned a lot about creativity, organization, and planning. The years that I took the time to declutter books and papers at the end of the year, set me up for an easier start of school the next year. I learned the hard way, that if I put it off, I had a more stressful start to my new school year.

By closing out your school year now, you can enjoy your summer without the thoughts of cleaning out books and paper hanging over your head. I will not tell you to dump everything and sort. I will guide you to use a timer and work in small steps.

If you have a lot of things to go through, you can use the timer for 15 minutes at a time for your decluttering sessions. When the timer goes off, you can take a break and do something else. You can always go back for another 15 minute decluttering session later in the day.

After you declutter, you can make a list of books and supplies that you will need next year. Then you can start placing your orders now instead of waiting until August.

You can give away the books you no longer need. Find some other homeschool moms in your area who would like to have a book exchange. Set up a day and place to meet and have a used book swap.

You can do this!

Here’s the video I prepared for you. You can see the inside of my school cabinet and my progress throughout the week.

Your Zone Mission for today is to shine your tub or shower in the main bathroom.
Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.
Have a wonderful day!
Siggie - Tami Fox

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