Frustration or Blessings?

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool


Dear Friends,
How many of you are frustrated at times when you are interrupted while doing your routines?

Most of you who read my articles are homeschool moms, and many of you are trying to do your daily routines in between caring for the children and getting your homeschool moving along. You get frustrated because you cant get it all done when you want to get it done.

First, take a deep breath. Yes, right now, while you are reading. Exhale slowly. Let the tension in your shoulders go. Yes, I know that is where you carry your stress. Do this for a minute.

Now, think about your children. They are blessings. They are also busy and have needs. Sometimes those needs usurp your routines. If you have children under age two, they are fairly dependent on you to meet their basic needs.

Spend a few more minutes breathing and relaxing while you are listing in your head the blessings your children have brought into your life. You can write your blessings down if you like.

Next, let’s talk about your BASIC daily routines. Each of the three daily routines – Morning, Afternoon, and Evening – have only 6 parts. They are not complicated. It is easy to make them complicated, but that happens when you add to them.

Now, if you get started on your Morning Routine because one of the children has a need that you have to meet, you can come back and finish your routine after you take care of your child. You will need the routines written down, so you can keep up with what you have done. Or you can download the FlyLady Plus app on your iPhone. It’s available at no cost in the Apple Store.

Another way to help yourself get your Morning Routine completed is to get up 15 minutes before your children and do it then.

If you have procrastinate doing your Morning Routine, I want you to do it as soon as you finish reading this. The six parts of your Morning Routine are, as follows: 1) Make your bed; 2) Get dressed to the shoes; 3) Swish and Swipe; 4) Check your calendar; 5) Reboot the laundry; 6) What’s for Dinner?

Tell me how you are doing with your daily routines. What is hard for you to do?

Your Zone Mission today is to declutter items from the Front Porch and sweep it.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is lasagna for the boys and zuchini noodles for me with a salad.

Have a great day!

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