How many clothes do I need?

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Dear Friends,
Yesterday I asked you to put away all of your laundry. How did that go for you? If it was a struggle, spend a few minutes each day decluttering clothes until you can easily put your laundry away.

There is not a cut-and-dry answer on how many clothes you should have. We all tend to have too many clothes. Some of us have larger storage areas than others. This means that some of us have more clothes.

Basic wardrobe items for me include 3 dresses per season (6 dresses total). I have 5 skirts, a pair of jeans, two pairs of capris, and some leggings. I have more tops than anything because I can rotate my skirts, pants, or leggings. I have my workout clothes and pajamas. My underthings and socks each have a drawer, and I declutter worn out items from those drawers regularly. Nothing is worse than underwear that has lost its elastic properties.

The boys each have a suit and two dress shirts with ties. They have black socks and dress shoes. They each have a pair of boots and athletic shoes. They each have 1 to 3 pairs of jeans. They have 7 to 10 t-shirts, since they also wear t-shirts for bed. They have at least one polo-type shirt that fits. I try to have three for each of them for the conferences we attend, but I think right now they have outgrown the ones they had. They have a couple of pair of athletic shorts each and a pair of swim trunks.

My experience with boys is that they have far less wardrobe requirements than their sister had, but they make up for it in sports equipment and Legos. (smile)

When the children were little, I taught them that each dresser drawer had a purpose. For the little ones, I put a picture on the inside of the drawer. When I had their clothes folded, I had them carry something, and we put it away together. A two-year-old can carry socks or t-shirts. Now that they are older, they know how to put their laundry away without coaching from me.

The focus this week is our Master Bedroom, and I know for many of you that clothes maintenance is a big part of caring for your room.
Tell me what the problem area in your master bedroom is, if it is something other than clothing. Is your dresser top a catch-all?

Your Zone Mission today is to spend 15 minutes decluttering items from your closet.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is beef stew. Salad and veggies for me.

Have a great day!

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