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Dear Friends,
Happy anti-procrastination day! Do you avoid cleaning out your fridge like the plague? Each week, I spend a few minutes tossing out leftovers. Once a month, I spend a few minutes wiping the inside of the fridge. By not procrastinating, I do not have a huge task before me. I am consistent with getting rid of the leftovers the day before we take off the trash.
Either pick anti-procrastination day or the evening before your trash goes out to clean out leftovers each week. Set your timer and toss! If you notice a spill on a shelf, spend a couple of minutes wiping it. Once a month, look through your condiments and toss the ones that are out of date. Then start at the top shelf and do a quick wipe of each shelf.
Some of you are thinking it is just easier to get a new fridge than to clean the one you have. (smile) When I first started following The FlyLady, I felt this way, too. Just remember that it does not have to be perfect. Consistency will win out if you just keep working at it a little at a time.
Another tip that has helped me is to use clear containers for leftovers and keep them pulled to the front of the shelf. The things that get pushed to the back of the fridge are the ones that end up in there for a while. Things stored in containers that are not see-through are also subject to growing mold before you open them again. Raise your hand if you just toss the whole container at that point.
Keeping your fridge clean and under control will help you when it is time to make your weekly grocery list. This will save you money in the long run. We all like to save money! So stop beating yourself up for tossing leftovers, and work at keeping your fridge orderly.
My weekly routine for menu planning starts at the fridge. I check to see what is on hand and will be usuable in the next week. I start formulating a plan for my menu. As I develop the menu, I check to see if I have all of the ingredients on hand. I am going to save time and money if I get what I need when I go grocery shopping once a week. If I run out of something important, someone has to make a trip to the grcoery store again.
Decluttering your fridge will help you save time and money. Why are you putting it off?
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter leftovers from the fridge.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is chicken and rice for the boys. Salad and veggies for me.

Have a great day!

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