Bless Yourself and Your Family with a Decluttered Home

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Dear Friends,
How is your daily habit of decluttering a little at a time going? Some of you have been resistant to decluttering daily because you don’t want to make decisions on what to do with your stuff.

You avoid dealing with declutter paper because you might need one of the papers you declutter one day in the future. Be intentional this week on decluttering a little bit each day. Take advantage of this week’s Extra Room Mission. Declutter somewhere you have been avoiding.

Zone 3 Missions: The Main Bathroom and One Extra Room
Monday – Declutter & Wipe the Bathroom Counters
Tuesday – Declutter items from under the Bathroom Sink
Wednesday – Declutter In the Laundry Room and put away Laundry
Thursday – Declutter items from the Home Office
Friday – Shine the Tub/Shower
Set your timers and then take a break when it goes off
If you work at decluttering more stuff, it will make doing your Weekly Home Blessings easier. The Home Blessings should go faster if you have the floors picked up. What bogs us down on doing the Home Blessings is that we have to pick up before we start.
Have a place for everything. Teach your children to put things away when they are done with them. Pick up behind yourself. Set up files for papers if you have stacks of papers sitting around the house.
If you have followed along with my daily list for Home Blessings, you will notice that I have them divided out throughout the week. I started with my trash day on Friday, and I built the rest of the week around that. On Monday, I do my sheets. During the rest of the week, the boys do their sheets.
On Tuesday, I dust quickly, and one of the boys vacuums the one little area rug that we have. (Most of our home is laminate flooring or tile.)
On Wednesday, I do a quick wipe of the windows and mirrors. They just need a quick swipe. I use a wet FlyLady purple cloth and a dry one.
On Thursday, I declutter magazines or catalogues. I also spend a few minutes on decluttering paper.
Friday we don’t have a full school day since the boys do extra school work Monday through Thursday, we finish up the last of our Home Blessings. The boys gather the trash, and we work as a team to sweep and mop.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets.

Your Zone Mission for today is to declutter the bathroom counters and wipe them down.

My menu plan for Monday is beef stew.

Love yourself and love your family with a decluttered home.

Have a blessed day!

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