Keep Your Zone Missions Short and Sweet

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Dear Friends,
How does your kitchen look today? The daily Zone Missions are designed to be quick and easy, and I want you to feel successful with them. If you have a co-op day each week, you are doing great with only 4 missions a week. Please see yourself as a success if you are consistently doing 3 or more Zone Missions a week.
Some days you are going to be busy, and you are not going to be able to do much more than your daily routines. I have homeschooled long enough to know that you will have rough days for your schedule. It is okay. It is normal. You are not going to bat a homerun every single day of the week with your routines and missions. You have to give yourself grace on the less than great days.
One of the ladies I talk to each week told me that it helps her when I share that my days are not always easy. They do not always go according to plan. I have had entire school years that did not go according to plan. We got through it anyway. We grew. We learned. We progressed. It was just different than what I imagined.
Having two teen boys and one pre-teen boy in the house keeps me busy. Today I am writing you from their afternoon activity. They are skating, and I am writing to you. It’s loud here. I am interrupted a lot, and I would not change a thing about it.
Someone was talking about putting certain foods away in a different place to keep her teenagers from eating it all. You know what? Sometimes I hide my food, too. With eating gluten-free, I have certain “treats” that I enjoy, and by the time the end of the week rolls around, the boys are less picky about what snacks they eat. They just like to eat! So I keep my gluten-free foods and snacks in a different cabinet. They know not to eat any of them without checking with me.
One of my sons ate an entire pack of cookies once in one sitting! That’s when I decided it was okay to put my treats in a different location.
Today is the last day of our weekly missions. If you have not done a mission this week, I want you to do one today.
Let me know what you struggle with the most. I will talk about it next week.
Today’s Zone Mission is to wipe your stove top and microwave.

Your Home Blessing for today is to empty the trash, sweep, and mop.

My menu plan for Friday is take out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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