6 Creative Ways to Kick Cabin Fever for Kids


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6 Creative Ways to Kick Cabin Fever for Kids

For kids, being stuck in the house all winter can seem like a punishment. And as a parent, you know that the more bored your children get, the more unruly they can become. So, why not find a solution for both of your problems?


If you can find activities for your cooped up children to do, they will come to love their indoor time almost as much as outside time. And if these activities are educational, that’s a parenting win! So, how about taking a little time to try out some of the following activities that will have your kids laughing and learning their dreary winter days away?

1.  Make Elephant’s Toothpaste

According to School A to Z, science experiments not only help kids with fundamental knowledge, they also help them develop patience and perseverance. That’s why experiments like elephant’s toothpaste are the perfect indoor activity. It’s not actually a toothpaste for elephants or anything else for that matter. It is a fun and colorful science experiment that elementary-age kids love. Using household ingredients, they can make a fun colorful foam that will teach them about oxygen gas.

2.  Give Them a Fun Workout

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that one in five school-aged children is obese, and being cooped up indoors all winter could certainly be a contributing factor. The best way to keep your kids healthy is to ensure that they get at least an hour of physical activity each day. And just because they can’t run or ride bikes outside doesn’t mean you can’t encourage exercise. There are tons of fun workouts just for kids available online.

3.  Nurture Their Artistic Sides

Art sometimes gets pushed aside to make room for subjects like math and English that are considered more important, but the truth is art is responsible for much of a child’s development. Language development, decision-making, and visual learning are all skills strengthened through creativity. You’ll find all kinds of artistic activities for kids online with a few creative search terms. For example, try searching for “girls crafts” or “giraffe crafts” to find ideas specific to your child’s personality and interests.

4.  Call on Your Inner Teacher

You may not consider teaching one of your skills, but anyone can teach a lesson that’s already prepared. Try searching for homeschool lesson plans for the age of your children or get creative and use your kids’ interests. For example, you can look for dog-themed lesson plans, dinosaur-themed lesson plans, or many other things your kids find entertaining. Rover.com offers some helpful suggestions for lesson plans about dogs. If you make learning fun, they won’t even know they’re being taught something useful.

5.  Make Some Noise

Let’s face it—they’re probably already whooping it up anyway. Why not channel their noise into something that accelerates brain development and motor skills. Sites like Lesson Face and Take Lessons offer a database of instructors who either give music lessons face-to-face or online. Or you can opt for some fun and educational musical game sites that all kids love.

6.  Share Some Memories

Children love hearing stories about themselves, and what better way to make memories than to start scrapbooking together. There are certainly plenty scrapbooking supplies available in craft stores, but most photo-sharing sites now also offer online scrapbooking. These digital scrapbooks can then be shared via email or social media or even printed to keep for family keepsakes.


Cabin fever takes its toll on the whole family, so it’s important to plan ahead when you know you’ll be spending extended time indoors. But don’t just plan mindless activities like eating and watching movies. Keep your kids moving and learning all winter to keep them healthy, active, and mentally alert.


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