Finishing Your Daily Routines

Getting Organized:
In Your Home and Homeschool

Dear Friends,
Many of you have shared your word of the year with me. More than one of you has shared the word, “Finish” with me. That word can be fueled by your perfectionism. You need to finish your daily routines, but it should not take your hours to accomplish your routines.
Each of the daily routines has 6 steps. Start with the Before Bed Routine. Once you have that routine in place, you will see how easily the Morning Routine and Afternoon Routine will go for you.
Where I see ladies stall out is that they want to do everything at once. They get caught up cleaning the bathroom perfectly instead of doing a quick swish and swipe. If you are spending 15 minutes or more in cleaning your bathroom daily, you are doing too much. I set the timer and checked myself. I can wipe the shower walls, tub, and sink area in 90 seconds. It takes me 30 seconds to swish the toilet. In two minutes, I have done a quick swish and swipe and am ready to move on.
With your daily Zone Missions, if you are taking longer than 15 minutes, you are doing too much. I want you to see that you can finish a room, but you have to take small, consistent steps to do it over the course of the week.
The other two common things that you get hung up on is laundry (pun intended) and dusting. Laundry is a basic part of your daily plan. You need to do all 5 steps, and you will not be living with piles of laundry. You may have to figure out of you need to do more than one load a day if you have a large family. I do three loads a day to stay on top of laundry in my home.
During the Weekly Home Blessings, many of you skip over the dusting because you want to move everything off the flat surface to dust. During the Home Blessing time, you only need to use your feather duster to dust around the things on the flat surfaces. When we do a zone mission in that room, you will declutter the flat surfaces and detail dust.
You do not have to clean your house perfectly to have a peaceful home free from chaos. Your consistency with your routines each day is what will help you to the finish line!
Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.
Your Zone Missions for today is to declutter under the bathroom sink.
My menu plan for Tuesday is taco Tuesday.
Have a blessed day!

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