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Getting Organized:
In Your Home and Homeschool

Dear Friends,

This week we are declutting in the Living Room. This will be a great focus area for you as you take down Christmas decorations. Each of the daily missions are to help you detail clean, and they are meant to be short missions.

Zone 5 Missions: The Living Room (Family Room)
Monday – Merry Christmas!
Tuesday – Declutter Flat Surfaces & Put Away Decorations
Wednesday – Detail Dust the Living Room
Thursday – Move Furniture and Vacuum
Friday – Put away anything that does not belong in the Living Room
Christmas is over, and now I want you to take a look around you. If you have gifts, paper, bags, boxes, or stuff around the house and not put away, you and your family are going to play a game today. This will be a decluttering game, and you will need a reward at the end for everyone.
Write down 6 numbers on pieces of paper. On each one, write an area that needs to be decluttered or picked up. Fold the papers and put them in a bowl. Find some upbeat music. Get your timer out. Call the family together. Tell them you are going to do 6 10-minute missions together. You will work in each of the six areas as a team. If you finish an area before the 10 minutes is up, you can have a dance party or move on to the next area.
When you are ready to start, pull a number from the bowl and tell everyone where you are going to focus. You want them to put things away, throw trash away, or give you things that need to be donated. Have a broom or vacuum handy, so someone can clean the floor. Have a feather duster handy for dusting flat surfaces.

If you want to take down Christmas decorations, you can include this in your game, but it might take the whole hour. Teamwork will make these tasks easier and faster. After an hour is up, you need a reward. You can play a game or go somewhere, or you can just give everyone 30 minutes of play time. You know your family and what they enjoy doing.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wash the sheets, dust, and vacuum.

Your Zone Missions for today is to declutter flat surfaces and put away decorations.

My menu plan for Tuesday is corn dogs and tater tots for the boys and chicken for me.

Have a blessed day!

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