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Dear Friends,

Happy November 1st! We are going to practice a new habit this month, and I know for some of you this is a habit you have not practiced a lot. You like to put dinner on the table and fly by the seat of your pants.
Menu planning does not have to be complicated. It will help you get organized. It will save you money. For some of you, it will help you eat healthier. Are you in with me for the month?

In my early years of raising a family, I did not write down a menu plan. I would think about a few things I might like to cook and grocery shopped accordingly. That was not very efficient, and it also caused me to stop at the grocery store more frequently.

As my family grew, it became harder to fly by the seat of my pants on serving dinner. I started following The FlyLady, and she helped me see the benefits of menu planning.

Menu planning is not a straight jacket. It does not mean that you have to serve exactly what you wrote down. It is a guide. You can use the same ingredients to make different meals. When we studied cultures around the world, I found that many countries use the same basic ingredients for a one-dish meal. The difference came in the types of spices and the preparation of the ingredients.

I write down our basic protein item and an idea of what we will have when I do my menu planning. I jot down a few ideas for side dishes. I always have spinach and lettuce as a side item.

My son is usually the head chef. I do consult with him when I am making out my weekly menu. He comes up with ideas of foods he wants to make. We also look at our calendar when we are planning the menu. If we have a busy week, I will include a day where we do some bulk cooking. Then, we can have variations of that meal over several days.

When I make out my grocery list, I check the items I have on hand, and I put down the items I need to pick up. I shop once a week.

By menu planning, I save time, money, and resources. The boys help me cook often, so they are learning life skills. We cook from scratch most of the time, so we are eating healthier.

How are you doing with menu planning?

Your Zone Mission today is to declutter  and sweep the front porch.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is pasta and a salad for the boys. Grilled chicken and a salad for me.

Have a great day!

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