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Dear Friends,
Over the weekend, we attended two family reunions and a youth activity at our church. We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up with family and friends. As I sat down to write you today, I was struck with the thought that life is about relationships. Life is not just check off boxes and completing lists.
The reason why The FlyLady system works so well for me is that it includes time for me to have fun with my family. By using my routines, my basic weekly Home Blessings, and my short decluttering sessions during the week, my Saturdays are free for fun activities.
You feel successful when you get to check off boxes. I understand that. I like it, too. Just be aware that you don’t have to check boxes off 7 days a week. I see posts on social media where you push the Home Blessings or big decluttering projects to Saturday.
Take a look at your basic weekly plan. Can you set aside 30 minutes per day? This would give you time to do one Weekly Home Blessing, declutter in the zone of the week, and keep the laundry moving along.
Can you work on your basic routines each day? Keep your routines short and sweet. Your Morning Routine should not take all morning. Move it along. Resist the urge to spend much time on the computer or your phone in the morning. Do your routine first, and then reward yourself with 15 minutes to check email or social media.
Have a regular time for lunch, so you can lead right into your afternoon routine. Again, it should not take all afternoon to do this routine. You get distracted, and then you find it’s time to get dinner on the table. Your afternoon routine does not get completed.
If you have young children, I know these routines will take you a bit longer. Do your best. Some of you struggle with a shower each day. I remember that this is just a season of life. Many years ago, I had to take my shower when my husband was home to watch the little ones. If your husband travels, get your shower when the kids are asleep.
Start your Before Bed Routine right after dinner. Do everything except washing your face and brushing your teeth. You can do those two things right before you go to bed. You can put on your pajamas whenever you feel like it after dinner.
When you keep your routines simple and consistent, you will have time for the fun stuff, too. During the fall and winter, I play more board games with the boys in the evenings because it gets dark earlier. I am able to do this because I try to keep my routines simple and in place.
How are you doing with having fun with your family?
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter the Master Bedroom for 15 minutes.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash sheets.
My menu plan for Monday is chicken pie and a salad.
Have a great day!

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Life is More than Check Off Boxes — 2 Comments

  1. I love this…this is the Holy Spirit speaking! I was just contemplating this this morning…discerning how to spread everything out and how much should run into the weekend. I feel like I got a really wise answer without having to ask anyone :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Tami! I’m glad you had a fun, relaxing weekend:)

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