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Dear Friends,
As I am writing tonight, I have the sounds of my washer and dryer going in the background. It is a comforting sound to me. It is a sound that has been a part of my background sounds for many years. I sit here and wonder what it would be like to not have that sound so prevalent in my home.
My washer is going and that means clean clothes, clean bedding, or clean towels. When my dryer is going that means we will have warm, dry clothes, bedding, or towels. When it is time to fold or hang the laundry that means I have time to fold and pray for my family. When it is time to put the laundry away, it shows that we are blessed with clothing, bedding, and towels.
My perspective is changing as my children grow. I remember as a young married woman that laundry was not something I enjoyed. I had never been in the habit of doing laundry, so it was a change for me. When it was just the two of us, I did laundry on the weekends. Both of us worked, and we shared the household tasks.
As we started having children, I was not prepared for the amount of dirty clothes a new baby would generate. I adjusted my laundry days to meet the needs of my family. As we added more children, we had more laundry. I also found The FlyLady, and I learned about doing a load of laundry a day to keep Mount Washmore Away.
Our winter laundry needs are greater than the summer. We had bigger, thicker clothes in the winter. As it cools off, I start to notice the laundry bins filling up faster. I still maintain doing a load of darks per day. I also have a load of sheets and towels each day. This rhythm fits us right now. I see that it will change again as my children grow and move out.
While the amount of laundry I do each day with the help of my family might seem like a lot to some of you, I am enjoying this season of still having them at home with me. All too soon they will grow up!
A positive perspective can change how you look at anything you do to take care of your family.

My friend, Tricia Goyer, has written a new book called Walk It Out. I am currently reading it, and it has been a blessing to me during a hard time in my life. She has given me a digital download to share with you of Chapter 1.

What Happens When We Read God’s Word and Actually Do What It Says?

Bestselling Author Tricia Goyer demonstrates the powerful work God accomplishes if we are willing to step out in obedience to Biblical commands and His quiet urgings, no matter our fears or feelings of inadequacy In Walk It Out: The Radical Result of Living God’s Word One Step at a Time (David C Cook, October), the newest of bestselling author Tricia Goyer’s inspirational works, readers are challenged to obey Scriptural mandates and watch their purposes unfold as God uses their past sins and greatest shortcomings to redeem the lives of others. Goyer’s own experience as a teen mother and her past abortion are central to the book, highlighting the guilt, shame, and fear that kept her from sharing her story with others. Yet, once she obeyed God’s call to reveal her testimony to her pastor, church community, and other women struggling with the same feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, she saw a glorious purpose that God had designed just for her. And that was just the beginning.
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter your dresser drawers for 15 minutes.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is shepherd pie.
Have a great day!

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