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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool


Dear Friends,
Happy Friday! It’s the last day of our school week and last day of the week for Zone Missions. Then, we get to have Family Fun Day and Renew Your Spirit Day! Once you get the routines into your life as habits, you will find peace and joy and more time to do the things you really enjoy doing. I do not spend as much time decluttering as I did when I started. That is what I want for you.
Week 3 of the month is my easiest Zone Mission week because of how I maintain my bathroom with swish and swipe. So I can do quick missions in the main bathroom, and then I am free to do decluttering anywhere else in the house that needs attention. I do want you to think that areas in my house are always perfect. They are not.
The FlyLady told me once that “good enough is good enough.”
I remember this and don’t go overboard with missions. The Zone Missions are meant to be quick and fast, and you do not need to dump drawers of stuff or empty closets. Do it a little at a time on a consistent basis. As you do the missions each month, it will add up.
You have to guard against bringing in more stuff to replace what you decluttered. You have to guard against it with your children, and you have to be aware that grandparents like to spoil grandchildren and give them lots of things.
Start this month with paring down the amount of toys and clothes your children have. Box toys up and rotate different kinds of toys. Toss the junk toys. Donate toys that they just don’t like anymore.
Last month, I did a kitchen renovation and let go of things that sat in my kitchen cabinets for 28 years. So I do know that things can hang around for a while.
You can do this a little at a time. I believe in you! I know you can bring peace to your home by decluttering and establishing routines. You CAN homeschool and have a clean home on the same day!
Have a wonderful weekend! Please email me with testimonies of how decluttering has helped you!
Today’s Zone Mission is to do a 15 minute room rescue anywhere in the house.

Your Home Blessing for today is to empty the trash, sweep, and mop.

My menu plan for Friday is chicken and a salad.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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