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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool



Dear Friends,

Most of you reading this homeschool your children, so you know exactly what I am saying when I say I have lots of moving parts to my days.

Even though my schedule has been busier than normal this summer, I am not stressed or worried about how I will get everything done. I do my basic daily routines. Then, I do three simple things from my To Do List. This gives me forward progress, and I don’t feel like I am juggling 10 balls a day.

I am in charge of how many balls a day that I juggle, and so are you! Take a look at your calendar this summer. Have things crept onto your calendar that you can take off?

Do you have some quiet days in your week? Resist the urge to fill your calendar up. You need quiet days where you are not going, going, going. Some call this white space on your calendar.

Honestly, if I did not have white space on my calendar, I would have been very overwhelmed this summer with the addition of my son’s appointments.

I have used the two-letter word, “No” this summer when needed. I do not have to say, “Yes” to every opportunity that comes my way. I do not have to volunteer for everything that comes my way.

My days are full, but they have down time within each hour listed below.
Here is an example of how my day went on Monday:

5:00 am – Get up, make bed, read Bible, eat breakfast, get dressed down to shoes, brush teeth
6:15 am – Run
8:00 am – Swim laps
9:00 am – Shower and get dressed for the day, Morning Routine
10:00 am – Start Laundry, check on the boys’ routines, do my morning Facebook video
11:00 am – Lunch prep, dishwasher, reboot laundry, sip water, check emails
12:00 noon – Lunch
12:30 pm – Host Online Weekly Home Blessing Hour for FlyLady Premium
1:30 pm – Tech stuff on the computer and phone calls
2:00 pm – Afternoon Routine – Laundry, dinner prep, paperwork, decluttering
3:00 pm – Sort mail and file bills, update son’s notebook on medical care
3:30 pm – Dinner Prep with my son
4:00 pm – Writing time while dinner cooks
5:00 pm – Family dinner at the table
6:00 pm – Host Online BINGO Decluttering Game for FlyLady Premium
7:00 pm – Tech stuff and emails
8:00 pm – Before Bed Routine, Hot Spots, and down time
9:00 pm – Go to bed

This is pretty much my summer routine. My FlyLady Premium game hosting and mentoring fits in daily.

In August, we will add back homeschooling. Mostly, I explain new concepts, and they do independent work. Then, I go over their work with them when they are done.

Your Zone Mission today is to detail dust along the ceiling, the ceiling fan, and across the door tops.

Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.

My menu plan for Tuesday is Taco Tuesday and a salad.

Have a blessed day!

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