Don’t Just Move It Around, Move It Out

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Dear Friends,

Are you dealing with clutter in your house by moving it from one spot to another? When you are clearing off a flat surface or picking up stuff, remember this quote:

“Don’t just move it around, move it out.”

If you have items that you just keep relocating in your home, either find a place for it or get rid of it.

Several of you are playing a game of round robin with your clutter.
Where is it going to land next?

My wish for you is a peaceful home that is easy to keep clean, so you have free time to enjoy your family. I don’t want you stressed out all the time. I want you to be able to have people drop by your house and enjoy a visit.

As you declutter your hot spots or do your zone missions, really think about the stuff you are moving. If it is necessary to have the item, find a place to put it. You would be surprised at the amount of stuff you can live without.

Be brutal when you are purging. These things do not have feelings or emotions. You might have feelings or emotions about the items, but that does not always mean you need to keep it.

Bless others with your abundance. You have too much stuff. We all do! That is one of the hazards of living in a first world country. We live in excess. Even the most frugal among us has more stuff that we need.

Are you hoarding books?

Let some of them go. You are in the process of preparing for a new school year (or you will be soon), purge some of the books you are not going to be using.

Are you hoarding clothes, or are your children hoarding clothes?
Tell your children to go to their room and bring you the clothes that they are not going to wear anymore. Then I want you to go to your room and do the same thing. You have clothes that you do not wear for one reason or another. Don’t let those clothes take up valuable space in your closet.
Let them go!

What are others areas that you are hoarding items? Paper? Get a shredder and get rid of those excess papers.

You can do this! You can let the excess go! You can have peace!

Today’s Zone Mission is to check your bathroom supplies and toss old stuff.

Your Home Blessing for today is to declutter paper and magazines.

My menu plan for Thursday is cheeseburger bake (low carb version) and a salad.

Have a great day!

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