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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Dear Friends,

After talking about preparing for vacation and settling back in, the most natural topic for today is getting back into your routines after a vacation. (This actually applies to getting back to routines after any kind of disruption.)

For those of you who are just establishing basic routines, it is hard to get back on the wagon again. Think about the last time you committed to a new diet or a new exercise program. What happened when it was disrupted with a trip, sickness, a long weekend, or an off day? It fell off the radar.

This has happened to all of us. What you have to do is recommit yourself. Make yourself sticky notes to remind yourself of your goals. Put reminders on your digital calendar. Write reminders on your paper calendar. Do whatever works for you to get your attention.

My basic routines are the same every day. (I am talking about the routines that are essential.)

We have a tendency to add in things to our routines, and then things become too cumbersome to keep up, and when they are disrupted, we lose momentum. Things fall off from the routines.

For the rest of this month, I want you to focus on BASIC routines. The most simple and basic things you need to do to have peace and calm.
Morning Routine (from The FlyLady):
  1. Make Your Bed
  2. Get Dressed Down to the Shoes
  3. Swish and Swipe
  4. Check Your Calendar
  5. Start a Load of Laundry
  6. What’s for Dinner?
Afternoon Routine (from The FlyLady):
  1. Eat Lunch
  2. Clear Off a Hot Spot
  3. Reboot the Laundry
  4. Declutter for 15 minutes
  5. Exercise for 15 Minutes
  6. Drink Your Water
Before Bed Routine (from The FlyLady):
*Starts right after dinner*
  1. Check Your Calendar
  2. Shine Your Sink
  3. Pick Out Clothes for Tomorrow
  4. Set Items at Your Launch Pad
  5. Wash Your Face and Brush Your Teeth
  6. Go to Bed at a Decent Hour
All of these help you keep your home running smoothly. If you practice just these routines, you will be able to keep them going no matter what disrupts your schedule. You will actually feel more peaceful when you have these established as habits.

The only additions I recommend are doing your Weekly Home Blessing either once a week or one of the per day and a quick Zone Mission per day from The FlyLady.

If you have a laundry monster in your home, figure out how many loads per day you need to do. One load a day may not be enough if you have a large family.

Many of these routines will be done when you travel, too, so it will help you to keep doing as many as possible when you travel.

If you are struggling, please just keep things simple. Email me with questions.

Your Zone Mission today is to declutter 1 drawer or cabinet in the main bathroom.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is taco soup. (I cooked hamburger meat in bulk in Monday.)

Have a great day!

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