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Getting Organized:
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Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I shared about preparing for vacation in small steps. Today I want to share with you how to settle back into your routines in small steps after a vacation.

Our vacation was a road trip. We had a 6 hour drive home, so we were tired when we got home. But let me back up a little bit to tell you how I got us ready to load up to head home.

The night before we came home, my mom and I went through the refrigerator after dinner. We tossed the food that we were not bring home. We pulled out food that would make good snacks that evening. We combined items that could be combined. We checked the freezer and used what we could for evening snacks from there as well.

We also went through the dry goods and snacks. I packed a snack bag for each van. We got the coolers back out and ready to load the next morning with whatever was in the fridge after breakfast the next morning.

We did laundry that night. I encouraged the boys to organize their stuff. They washed off items outside to remove as much sand as possible. I organized my clothing and bathroom items. Basically, anything we would not needed was put in the suitcases. We laid out our clothes and shoes for the next morning.

On Friday morning, everyone had time to have a last visit on the beach. When it was time to load the vans, it was easy to finish packing because of our prep work the night before.

After a long ride home, we all worked together to unload the van. We started a load of laundry because we always have dirty clothes. We unpacked the cooler and put away the food items. Each person took his or her own suitcase and unpacked it. All told, it took 2 hours to get unpacked, and we did not push and work really hard. We worked as a team. Then we all had time to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend at home.

On Saturday and Sunday, we were able to rest and relax and have fun without the unpacking hanging over our heads. I realize that many of you reading this have much younger children than mine are now. In the early years, I prioritized what got unpacked, and I used a staging area to work through it a little at a time. It took a couple of days that way, but I never made it a stressful thing to do. I just started with thee cold food, pantry food, dirty laundry, unpack for myself and the little ones, put away bathroom stuff, and put away the beach toys.

Use a timer to keep you form overdoing it and burning out. Getting back into your regular routines will take a few days. I will talk about that tomorrow.

Your Zone Mission today is to detail clean around the toilet.

Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.

My menu plan for Tuesday is fish and shrimp.

Have a blessed day!

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