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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Last week, I had several emails asking about how to get the man of the house on board with decluttering. You just have to model it yourself. You can only change yourself and your habits. But your habits can spill over to your spouse.

I do not purpose to change my husband. When I started The FlyLady system, I started with myself. As my children grew, I included them in the routines. I taught them how to do the steps to the Home Blessings. I taught them how to swish and swipe. I taught them to pick up behind themselves. As a parent, it is my role to teach my children.

As a spouse, I am supportive of my husband, and I do not try to teach him how to do things around the house. He works a lot of hours outside of our home. If he leaves things out beside of his chair, I don’t harp on him about it. I might ask him to declutter it once in a while. But I am blessed that he does not leave tools and stuff all over the house.

One comment was made in an email about her husband dropping dirty clothes on the floor. This is likely because he is really tired. While it might be annoying to pick up dirty laundry, it is a time to give thanks for a hard-working husband. It is a good time to pray for him while picking up his clothes. In the scheme of things a few dirty clothes in the floor is not the worst thing.

My children have learned to sort their dirty clothes into the hampers as they get undressed. This is a habit I hope they take with them when they move out.

If you are struggling with a spouse who is leaving a trail of things through your house, talk to him sweetly if it is a hazard to young children. If it is something you can pick up, like clothes, pick it up. If you struggle with having his stuff on multiple flat surfaces ask him to pick one area to put stuff. He might need to find a place for some of his things, and he can’t fit all of his things in a small area if you have overtaken it with your stuff.

Look for ways to help and bless your husband. No nagging allowed.

Your Zone Mission today is to go sofa diving.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is hamburgers and salad.

Have a great day!

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