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Eating healthy takes a little time and planning, and you can do it on a budget. With a large family, I have found that I save money by buying basics and cooking from scratch.

This month, I am using foods that I have stock-piled in the freezer when they were on sale. Even with chicken on my menu most of the nights this week, I can fix it many different ways by using different seasonings.
Another money saver for me this month is to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. With lots of farmer’s markets and good prices at Aldi, I can include lots of vegetables in our meal plan.

If you have been adding to your freezer, make an inventory page this week. Use these foods that you have purchased.

I have several packs of chicken breasts, two turkeys, one ham, and a lot of venison. My proteins are well covered for this week and next week for sure. I might even make it into the last week of the month without having to buy a lot of proteins.

You may be wondering why I would fix a turkey this time of year. I watch for sales on whole turkeys. Then I buy one for the freezer. Later, I will plan a menu where I cook the turkey and serve at least three meals from it. While this does mean I am cooking it during the warm weather, I cook it overnight to reduce the amount of heat I am creating in the house during the day.

The first night, we will just eat turkey and have some sides. The next night, we will have sandwiches. The third night, I will make a turkey pie. I will also use the carcass to make bone broth.

I also have a whole ham that I picked up on sale. I will bake it one night, and I normally serve three meals from it as well. The first night, we will have ham and vegetable sides. The next night, we will have sandwiches. The third night, we will warm up whatever is left and serve with vegetables or a salad.

By cooking one day and having meals from the same protein for a few more days afterwards, I am saving money on our utility bill. I am also saving money and time.

When I go on vacation in the summer, I plan very similarly. I pick foods that I can cook one day and have leftovers for the next day. Keeping my menu simple and basic makes me a happy cook.

Your Zone Mission today is clean the shower and tub.

Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.

My menu plan for Tuesday is chicken and a salad.

Have a blessed day!

FlyLady Tami

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