Water is important for good health

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Are you drinking water daily?

The FlyLady is started a new habit of the month on June 1. The new habit is to drink water daily. Many years ago, I stopped drinking soft drinks. It was not easy, but it was for my health.

You need to research how much water you need daily for your weight and the climate you live in. I live in the hot and humid South, so I allow a few extra ounces each day for that. I drink 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. I drink this over the course of the day. I do not chug it down. It is possible to drink too much water, so this is why you need to research how much you need.

Your children also need to develop the habit of drinking water. Invest in some reusable bottles that can be refilled throughout the day. I love The Flylady’s water bottles because they keep the ice from melting too fast in the summer. I can put ice and water in my bottle, and it does not sweat and the ice lasts even in 90 degree weather.

Drinking water helps your body in so many ways. It helps you feel more energetic. It fills in your skin (fewer wrinkles!). It helps your brain. It helps flush impurities from your body. No other liquid helps your body like water.

If you have been practicing your movement habit daily in May, you need a good amount of water each day to keep your body feeling great.

To keep track of your ounces per day, you can set up a check off sheet, or you can put something on your bottle. The FlyLady keeps colored hair bands on her bottle and rolls one at a time up the bottle when she refills it.

If you drink tea, coffee, or other drinks, you can start slowly replacing them with water. You don’t have to go cold turkey.

Today’s Zone Mission is to shine the sink and put all dishes away.

Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.

My menu plan for Tuesday is chicken fajitas.

Have a blessed day!

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