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Hello, Friends,
Last week had some unexpected things happen in my family, and I am very thankful for the outcome. You may have seen a prayer request from The FlyLady last Wednesday. If not, I will share briefly.
On Tuesday night, my 18-year-old son, Jacob, was in a serious car accident. We got a phone call just after 8:30 pm. I went straight to the ER with little information. He needed care above what our regional hospital is able to do, and he was transferred to a trauma center over an hour away from home.
He spent less than 48 hours in the hospital. He is a miracle. I have seen pictures of his truck, and I know God spared him.
One thing that was so helpful in all of this (besides my faith) was my routines. Before the call, I had just taken off my shoes. They were easily put back on. My purse, phone, and keys were handy. I walked out of my house in minutes. I had filled my gas tank up that morning.
Once I knew I was going to drive out of town, I called my mother, and she packed me a care bag with water and protein bars.
The next day, my mom went to my house to help the other boys. Through phone calls and texts, they took care of the home front. I had a posted menu plan. The food was in the house for the menu plan.
I needed clothes and vitamins. Because I put my clothes away each time I wash and fold them, I could tell my 16-year-old son exactly where to find the clothes I wanted. I keep an overnight bag packed, and that was handy, too.
He was also able to get clothes for my 18-year-old since his clothes were cut off him at the scene.
When we got home late Thursday night, the house looked great. The laundry was done. There was food prepared.
If you have read my newsletter for long, you know that I normally grocery shop on Fridays. I have been stockpiling some food in the freezer, so I put off grocery shopping until Saturday this weekend. I needed some rest.
I am very thankful that my son will be okay. This could have had a much different outcome. We are praising God for working miracles.
Make memories with your family. Love them! Have fun with them!
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter your kitchen counters and wipe down.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wash sheets.

My menu plan for Monday is chicken and salad. (I will be working through my freezer this month. It will be interesting!)
Have a great day!
Siggie - Tami Fox

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A New Week and a Grateful Heart — 7 Comments

  1. Oh my! Tami, I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, but praising God with you for the outcome! I’ll keep you and your family in prayer for physical and emotional healing. I was in an accident at that age and it was jarring. But, people kept reminding that eventually I would “want” to drive again…though I didn’t want to for awhile, I had peace knowing that it would come. How nice that your routines gave you a nice foundation when the storms came. Blessings to you and yours. Have a peace-filled week.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Stephanie. I think driving is low on his list of things to do for a while. Our routines definitely helped us remain as peaceful as possible in a difficult situation.

      Thank you for your prayers! Tami

  2. Praise God for protecting your son! I’m so glad for this news. Thanks also for sharing how your routines served you during this time. I’m curious about the overnight bag you mentioned…tell me more. :) Thanks for your encouraging words as always.

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