How can you help a child who is easily distracted?

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Recently, someone asked me how to help an older child who is easily distracted by young siblings.

One of my children was easily distracted as a young student. Something that worked well for him when he needed to focus on a subject was to wear noise-cancelling headphones. This took the various noises around the house out of the equation for him. If he wore the headphones and had his back to most of the room, he was able to focus and do his worksheets in faster time than without the headphones.

He was visually distracted many times, and if keeping his back to the rest of us did not work, I would put up a 3-sided science display board for him to complete a worksheet. We did not use this technique often, but it was effective when he was having a tough time concentrating.

Another thing that helped him was to alternate paperwork with an activity that got him out of his chair.

We also used an exercise ball at a small table to give him something to move a little bit beneath him as he did a worksheet. (I actually use an office chair with an exercise ball in it when I am at the computer.)

If he needed to sit quietly while I was doing our daily reading, he would have a quiet activity to occupy his hands. He enjoyed cutting paper, playdough, and Legos.

Give me some techniques that have worked for you with your easily distracted child.

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