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Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool



Happy Friday!

Getting dressed down to your lace up shoes each morning serves several purposes. Putting your shoes on first thing in the morning tells your body and brain that it is time to be productive. Putting them on also helps take away one excuse you have on daily exercise. Putting on shoes also helps your feet stay healthy. There are so many benefits to wearing good, lace up shoes throughout the day.

Let’s talk about the benefits of daily movement time for you. Walking and purposeful movement helps your circulation. It helps you with weight maintenance. It helps you feel better physically and mentally. It can help you with healthy bones.  It can help reduce stress.

Over the years, I have done a lot of different types of exercise. When you have small children, you have to find ways to exercise that works with their schedule. I used DVD’s in the Living Room for years. The little ones could watch from the pack and play safely. As they got bigger, I would find toys and games that occupied them for 15 to 30 minutes. I could get up before them and exercise before they woke up. (Though this is hard to do sometimes if they are not sleeping through the night.) I have exercised in the Living Room during naptime.

As my children got older, I could do more kinds of exercise outdoors with them. We have gone hiking, bike riding, play basketball in the driveway, and more. Kids need daily exercise, too.

Four years ago, I started running. I wanted to lose weight and reduce my stress, and I decided I wanted to run. I was not great at it, and I am still not the fastest. But I am so happy with my progress. I feel good. My weight is managed. My doctor has reduced my medications. I have more energy. My kids run with me sometimes. Mostly, I run without them. I plan my schedule in a way that allows me to run daily and still do all the other things I have to do in a day.

If you are not doing any purposeful movement daily, start with walking for 15 minutes. You will start to feel better as you do it consistently.

Have a great weekend!

Zone Mission: Wipe down the microwave and stove top

Weekly Home Blessing: Take out the Trash, Sweep, and Mop

Menu Plan: Fried Chicken and Popcorn Chicken




  • Make Your Bed (Do this as soon as you get up.)
  • Get Dressed Down to Your Shoes
  • Swish and Swipe
  • Start Your Laundry
  • Decide on Dinner
  • Check Your Calendar
  • Start the Day off with a Shiny Sink. Don’t leave the breakfast dishes sitting.


  • Have a fun day!
 Afternoon Routine:
  • Eat Lunch
  • Clear off One Hot Spot
  • Reboot the Laundry
  • Declutter for 15 Minutes (Be sure to have your children declutter, too.)
  • Drink Your Water
  • Loving movement for 15 Minutes

Before Bed: (This starts right after dinner.)

  • Check the Calendar for Tomorrow
  • Lay out Your Clothes for Tomorrow (Have your children lay their clothes out, too.)
  • Put things at your launch pad
  • Shine Your Sink
  • Clean Off a Hot Spot
  • Go to Bed at Decent Hour

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