Working in Two Zones – Getting Organized

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool


Happy Leap Year! This week we are in two zones. On Monday, we will be in Zone 5 – The Living Room. You will have one day to hit the hot spots and detail dust the Living Room. Hopefully, you have been maintaining it, and you won’t have many Hot Spots to clean. Tuesday through Friday, we will be in Zone 1 – The Front Porch, Entryway, and Dining Room. We will divide those three areas up over three days. On Friday, we will spend 5 minutes in each room doing final touches. After you have been doing this for a while, you will find that you have less and less to do each month if you maintain areas and pick up as you go along the day. The Hot Spot develop because we drop stuff where we are instead of putting it away. If we have a lot of clutter, we have problems finding places for everything. So our spring goal is going to be to declutter 5 minutes a day. I have seen a lot of challenges online that want you to do big projects to declutter. This leads to burn-out and months of not doing anything after the big project. If you develop a habit of spending 5 minutes a day decluttering, you won’t have to do these big decluttering projects. When you go shopping for new clothes or shoes, you need to get rid of the same number of things. That way you are not adding to what you have. You are replacing items.

If you have not filed your taxes, start collecting information this week and set your appointment to get your taxes filled out. April 15 will be here before you know it. 

Here are your Zone Missions for the week for   

Zones 5 and 1 – The Living Room, The Front Porch, Entryway, and Dining Room

Monday – Spend 15 minutes decluttering and dusting the living room
Tuesday – Sweep and Declutter the Front Porch
Wednesday – Declutter / Decorate Entryway
Thursday – Declutter / Decorate Dining Room
Friday – Spend 5 minutes in each room doing final touches


  • Make Your Bed (Do this as soon as you get up.)
  • Get Dressed Down to Your Shoes
  • Swish and Swipe
  • Start Your Laundry
  • Decide on Dinner
  • Check Your Calendar
  • Start the Day off with a Shiny Sink. Don’t leave the breakfast dishes sitting.
Weekly Home Blessing Hour:
Spread these out over the course of the week. Put a note on each day of the week with one or two of these per day. 

7 Parts of the Weekly Home Blessing Hour from The FlyLady:

  • Quick Dust
  • Sweep/Mop
  • Purge Magazines or Paper Clutter
  • Change Bedding
  • Empty Trash
  • Clean Windows/Mirrors
  • Vacuum
  • Plan one fun activity for this week.
 Afternoon Routine:
  • Eat Lunch
  • Clear off One Hot Spot
  • Reboot the Laundry
  • Declutter for 15 Minutes (Be sure to have your children declutter, too.)
  • Drink Your Water
Family Fun: Have some outdoor time with your children today. Play. Do some nature journaling. The point is to add some movement to your day. 
Before Bed: (This starts right after dinner.) 
  • Check the Calendar for Tomorrow
  • Lay out Your Clothes for Tomorrow (Have your children lay their clothes out, too.)
  • Lay anything out that you will need first thing in the morning
  • Shine Your Sink
  • Clean Off a Hot Spot
  • Go to Bed at Decent Hour

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