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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know that I run, walk, or exercise in some manner every day of the year. Last year on December 19, 2014, I had a run streak anniversary of 365 days. I continued on that running streak until day 406, when injury to my foot and shin ended my running streak. It did not end my exercise, and after a short break for healing, I was back to running. I did change some of my running strategies. I listened to my body and took off from running for a total of 29 days in the past 365 days. That means I ran at least 1 mile for 336 days out of 365 days. On some of the non-running days, I walked. On other days, I did strength training or weight lifting.

One year later, I am a stronger and faster runner. My short distance running is the fastest it has ever been, and I know I am still improving. I am working on my long distance running in preparation for my second marathon next month. I am seeing it get faster as well. I have learned a lot about myself and my strength. I had to overcome obstacles to achieve my fitness goals. I have ran outside in all kinds of weather conditions from the heat and humidity of summer to below zero windchill factors in the winter. I ran in 16 races in the past year. That includes one marathon, three half marathons, one 10 mile, four 10Ks (6.2 mile), one 8K, and six 5Ks. It’s been a hard year with the injury, and it’s been a great year after the healing.

I would not change anything about the experiences I have had this year. I am a stronger, faster, and smarter runner because of the injuries. I have made some incredible running friends online and in real life who inspire and encourage me daily. I hope in some small way that I encourage others with my posts about running and staying active. I plan on staying active and listening to my body. Will I do another long-term running streak? I have not decided. I am currently doing a streak where I run or walk at least one mile per day. I am currently on day 33.

My word for 2015 has been “endurance.” Looking back at my journey this past year, that is a great word for me. I am looking at my goals for 2016, and I am thinking about what my word for 2016 will be. Stay tuned for those announcements around the New Year.


Here’s a picture from Run Day 400 on January 23, 2015, and from my run this morning.

rsd400 run-day-12-18-15


FB Cover - Tami Fox

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